For those of you unaware, The Wife Hates Sports is building its own custom dictionary of terms simply known as the “Wifetionary”.  This time, we outline the terms “Mylanta Momma” and “Fertile Attraction”.

The Wifetionary describes life in sports with the WIFE… specifically one that is not a big fan of sports.

Hence… The Wife Hates Sports.

This ongoing dictionary of terms that can be found here, or via the site’s main menu.

As a side note (and mentioned on the dictionary page), I would like to encourage you to pitch in your own terminology.  If your term is acceptable by management (a.k.a. me), then it will be added to “The Wifetionary” with a credit.

Two NEW terms have been added and included, titled “Mylanta Momma” and “Fertile Attraction”.  To find out what these terms mean, feel free to visit our site dictionary.

In fact, don’t feel free… just do it!

Enough, Tell Me About the New Terms!

For a quick hint as to each term’s meaning: one involves a particular female’s interaction at a live sporting event and the other involves the WIFE and her obsession with certain sports athletes.

In particular, some of you may recall this little event involving Tom Brady:

How many women seek out the Patriots game just to see Brady on the sideline?  What about the number of women that seek out Brady headlines or buy GQ magazines just to get another look at him?  How many women wish on a regular basis that they were in Gisele’s shoes?  Perhaps, there is a large number that look into the TB12 diet. 

I’m willing to bet the list – and the “fertile attraction” is even larger than one would think.  At least, this is true until Brady disappears and another QB heartthrob comes along.

Either way, thanks as always for reading The Wife Hates Sports!