It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It’s officially 14 years of The Wife Hates Sports – so that’s something. I mean it’s REALLY something! Telling the 2009 version of me – a younger kid that had a full head of hair – that this site would still be intact in 2023, well… I’m not sure I would have laughed in your face, but there would have been some kind of colorful comment flying out of my mouth. I probably would have had higher expectations for what this site really is today, but that’s a story for another day. I think the bigger surprise would have come from any admission that THE WIFE LOVES SPORTS – and not ALL DAY… ALL THE TIME being THE WIFE HATES SPORTS.

Wait, what?

Did someone put something funny in your coffee, KP?

No. Calm down. We are trying to tell a story here. More importantly, we are trying to celebrate a milestone and introduce something new.

For those of you die-hard fans of the site – or at least the long-time readers – you might remember a little post that THE WIFE wrote talking about apple pie and baseball.

It was kind to apple pie, not so kind to baseball.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Recently, my son turned 10 years old. He plays Rec baseball and basketball. Sports isn’t entirely his world, but he has recently expressed desire to be a baseball player when he grows up. He’s super smart and has plenty of interests, just like any other kid. One of his recent things is to creatively (and sometimes disgustingly) pass along two scenarios for us to choose from.

Here are a few examples:

  • Would you rather be in a room with one million Labrador Retrievers or ten Chihuahuas?

The first thing I asked was how big this room was.

  • If you were near a poisonous spider or a hundred non-poisonous spiders, which would you pick?

This sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

  • If you pooped your pants in public (but didn’t admit it) or admitted to doing it (without doing so), which would you choose?

Again, he just turned ten – so, the poop jokes are likely to continue for a few more years. Okay, fine, it could last well into his twenties.

But sticking with the theme, he used one of these questions to inquire about sports the other day – and the response caught me a bit off guard, considering the theme of the site for well over a decade.

He asked THE WIFE if she’d rather watch a full day of soccer or a full day of football (American, obviously). THE WIFE responded with…

“I’d rather watch baseball”.

Insert that “head exploding” emoji, or maybe the face melting one. I’m pretty confident my instant reaction included both expressions.

Yes, I was sitting down – and no I didn’t fall over. Although, it did feel like a “Bizarro Jerry” moment.

THE WIFE of yesteryear would have said none of the above. Yet, she said this – and I can neither confirm nor deny that I checked her temperature that day.

The Wife Loves Sports (Maybe, Kinda Not Really)

The moral of the story is… well, even THE WIFE THAT HATES SPORTS can appreciate sports when someone she cares about is playing it. It may just take time to get there. In this instance, THE WIFE had to learn to appreciate the game for what it is, and see it through the joy of her own child.

So, as we evolve past our 1,000th post, I am going to introduce THE WIFE LOVES SPORTS, to add a sort of balance. It is meant to involve and celebrate a love and hate for sports, depending on the person and situation.  The site itself will remain. There could just be stories like this on occasion.

With that said, here’s to 1,000 more posts!

The first stretch saw highs in traffic and attention from marquee sites. It saw a growth in Daily Fantasy posts and plenty of big picks. It also lived through a major hiatus and brain surgery.

Love or hate, thanks for being a part of this adventure – and I hope you will stick around. Sports has always been an outlet for me, especially when I’m able to celebrate it with good people.


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