How’s the phrase go … ‘as American as baseball and apple pie’?  While I love me some apple pie, I must admit – I borderline loathe baseball. I know, I know … how could that be possible? Well, let’s break it down…

1)    It’s BORING. I mean really, most of the time the players are standing around chewing gum, chatting or staring off into space.  I bet some even sneak in a nose pick, or at least this kid did while watching.

2)    The salaries for baseball players are RIDICULOUS. How can it possibly be a fair game when some teams have millions of dollars to spend for ‘better’ players while others struggle? Of course the same teams are going to wind up in the playoffs year after year. Don’t get angry with the actual Red Sox or Yankees teams; get mad at the major league baseball organization as a whole for not enforcing a salary cap. Every other major professional sport seems to have one – why not baseball?

3)    While this may sound completely ridiculous (and obviously isn’t important or relevant), I swear professional baseball players are the least attractive of all professional sports players. What gives?

4)    The games go on FOREVER. It’s not just 1 hour of boredom, it can be 4 plus hours of boredom. Sure it’s exciting when someone hits a grand slam, but the excitement is short-lived and we’re back to chewing gum, chatting or staring off into space. Do we really need 9 innings of this?


Am I being delusional? Is there something I just don’t see?


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