Close your eyes and picture this…

Are they closed? 

Well, then… OPEN ‘EM… because otherwise, how will you be able to read on?

Picture the most important sporting event in that sports-filled brain of yours.  Perhaps it’s a Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final or a buzzer beater in the NBA Finals.  Maybe it’s a walk-off home run to head to the World Series, a two-minute drill in the NFL Playoffs or an approach shot on 18 at the final round of The Masters.

A pivotal moment in the event is NOW and that’s when THE WIFE walks in front of the TV.

The moment is gone, crushed, tainted and tampered for life.

The next day she swipes the remote and switches to a re-run of Grey’s Anatomy and later hogs the “boob tube” for her 413th personal viewing of Dirty Dancing.

We’ve all been there…well, a lot of us have, at least.

This is MY story – but who am I?

My name is Kevin Paul, often referred to as KP, and I created The Wife Hates Sports in the summer of 2009 – with a more extended launch in January 2010. For my entire life, I have been passionate about sports – just ask anyone I know.  It wasn’t just playing a wide range of sports that fueled my passion.  Over time, I began to realize that my passion for sports, coupled with my ability to write and express my thoughts, was actually a combo that really drove me to put more and more out there for the world to find.

It all morphed into a side project and a change of pace when compared to my day-to-day full-time job as a QA Lead in the Financial Services software industry.

The adventure started in late 2005, as a writer in the FOX Sports community, and as the creativity continued to spew out of me, more opportunities came along for the ride.  My biggest sports-related achievement came in 2008, when I earned a freelance contract with FOX Sports.

Here are some of my sportswriting accomplishments:

  • Freelance Contracted Writer at FOXSports com
  • Member of Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) since 2009
  • Member of U.S. Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) since 2015
  • Columnist – (Chicago Tribune Media Group) – 
  • National Featured Columnist at
  • Covered College Football live both in the Big Ten and ACC conferences
  • Featured on, as well as at, and
  • Radio/Podcast Personality
  • Regular guest on the Terry Ford Show (580 KIDO, Boise, ID) and The M&M Show (1350 WOYK, York, PA), with single appearances on other radio shows and podcasts
  • Named Finalist for 2010 Last Fan Standing Contest
  • Maintained KP’s Blog at from 2005-2010
  • Recent appearance on Bulldog Sports Radio (2015)

As the FOX Sports community disbanded, a number of us still kept in touch and a handful of us created our own websites, with me being one of the select few.

I just needed an idea – something creative and something

That’s when The Wife Hates Sports was born, a simple idea that was generated during a long distance car ride.  I was listening to sports radio and THE WIFE to be wasn’t having it. 

It’s as simple as that – and that’s what TWHS is meant to be, a unique spin on a sports blog and not just a forum to talk sports in all the unique ways that I like to, but also a way to tie in the relationship side of things, too.  That includes the women that love sports, women who ride the fine line and most importantly, the women in our lives that HATE sports.

Forever, we will think that we can push them to our side of the spectrum.

WELCOME and THANK YOU for visiting!

Comments or suggestions? Feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Kevin Paul

The Wife Hates Sports

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Kevin Paul
Kevin PaulCreator, Owner, Editor and Writer at The Wife Hates Sports
Kevin Paul, sometimes referred to as KP, has been writing about sports since 2004. He is a former contracted writer at and also for Bleacher Report and Chicago Now (part of Chicago Tribune). He writes about all kinds of sports and also has aspirations of being a children’s book author. He currently has a full-time job as a QA Manager and Scrum Master for a Global Trade Software company in Charlotte, NC.

If you have interest in writing at TWHS, building a relationship with TWHS or looking to Kevin for freelance writing, please connect with me either via social media or through the “Contact” link, via the TWHS main menu.

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