Ok ladies, if they get to list them, then so do we!  The wife is here to present you with my “Top 10 Hotties of Sports” for the year 2010.

There are a number of beautiful people in the world of sports.  The rules of attraction apply differently to each person, so a number of you will agree with these (and many will also disagree).  For now, it is just fun to list them, as it is quite often a hot topic (pun intended).

To be honest, there are only so many names I know in sports.  There are obvious celebrity names that come up such as Tom Brady.  Many others, however, I had to complete a lot of internet searching to find specific names across various sports.

Without further a do… and in no particular order, here they are:

The Wife’s Top 10 Hotties of Sports in 2010

Tom Brady – QB New England Patriots (a.k.a. Baby Daddy X2, Gisele’s husband)


David Beckham – Soccer Super Star


Andy Roddick – Tennis Super Star


Brady Quinn – QB Cleveland Browns


Tony Romo – Quarterback Dallas Cowboys (a.k.a. Jessica Simpson’s ex)


Joey Harrington – NFL Quarterback (Image Credit: Getty)


Jeremy Bloom – Olympic Gold Medalist and Snow Skier


Chad Hedrick – Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater


Mike Fisher – Professional Ice Hockey Ottawa Senators (a.k.a. Carrie Underwood’s fiancé) (Photo by Wayne Cuddington, Ottawa Citizen)


Barry Zito – Starting Pitcher San Francisco Giants


Perhaps there are other hotties more worthy of this list?  Again, I am a wife that hates sports, so there are only so many names the internet can track down for me. 

Feel free to chime in with your personal favorites and any that I may have missed.

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