When men are asked about the greatest sports movies, often the list includes classics such as Caddyshack, Hoosiers, Major League, Slapshot and Field of Dreams – but what about THE WIFE?  Specifically a WIFE that HATES sports?  Let’s find out…


A few weeks ago, we finally got around to watching The Blind Side. I absolutely loved it – such a feel-good, heart felt true story that’s well portrayed and entertaining. What’s not to love? While I might not always appreciate sports, I am certainly able to appreciate a good movie! And yes, the 2 sometimes do go hand in hand … so much so that I can even come up with a top 10 list.

The Wife’s Top Ten Greatest Sports Movies

I won’t even bother to say ‘of all time’ because that’s not a fair statement. I mean, I can hardly attempt to say I’ve seen them all and my tastes are obviously a bit biased =)

tom-cruise-cole-trickle-days-of-thunder10. Days of Thunder

Ok, ok, don’t poke fun at this one. Remember, I grew up in a NASCAR household. Still, it features a young, still sane Tom Cruise!

tin-cup-movie-kevin-costner9. Tin Cup

A younger, sexy Kevin Costner with Cheech as a sidekick. Pure entertainment.

fever-pitch-movie8. Fever Pitch

It’s cute, quirky and set in Boston. Not to mention the excitement that they actually had to change the ending because the Red Sox finally pulled it off. Classic.

temember-the-titans-celebration7. Remember the Titans

Yet another feel-good, classic sports movie. And who doesn’t love Denzel?

jerry-maguire-you-had-me-at-hello6. Jerry Maguire

“You had me at hello.” Need I say more?

bend_it_like_beckham-movie5. Bend it Like Beckham

Seriously, what ‘wife’ can say they don’t like this movie??

million-dollar-baby-clint-eastwood4. Million Dollar Baby

Ugh, such a heart wrenching story and Clint Eastwood is amazing.

a-league-of-their-own-celebration3. A League of Their Own

Tom Hanks is amazing along with an all-star cast (literally) and a throwback to an era that fascinates me.

THE BLIND SIDE2. The Blind Side

I’m not so sure Sandra Bullock’s performance was Oscar worthy, but if I were a member of the Tuohy family, I’d be thrilled by the entire movie.

the-cutting-edge-db-sweeney1. The Cutting Edge

“Just remember who said it first.” I honestly think I could recite this entire movie by heart. And yes, figure skating is most definitely a sport.