By now, you know the drill here.  The wife hates sports.  I mean, read the sign before you come in.  So, as you can imagine, I will regularly try to bait the WIFE with a simple sports story (when it breaks) in hopes to get some kind of reaction that is worth writing about.  Today, the Los Angeles Rams officially revealed its new logos for the upcoming NFL season – whenever the heck that will be.  So what did the WIFE think of the new Rams logo?

Not surprisingly, she hated it.

Only, not for the reasons that you would think.

She didn’t hate it for the color scheme.  The design wasn’t anything she complained about either.  It wasn’t the fact that designing new uniforms or logos is rarely a necessary thing.  Although, I can understand why a team would do so if they have recently landed in a new (or in this case, former) city.

Still, the WIFE hated the new Rams logo because of what is going on today in the world.  In fact, here is exactly what she said when it came to the official reveal of the new Rams logo in Los Angeles today:

“This is not the time to be rebranding your entire franchise.  They should be embarrassed.  All of the money they are about to put into that endeavor should instead be going to what we are dealing with in our country (and the world) right now.

People need food.  They need medical supplies.  We don’t have enough tests.  There is no vaccine.”


Well, what do you think?  To be honest, I see her point and I agree.

If anything, the Los Angeles Rams could have still gone through with this, but had some sort of charity situation in place where any new Rams logo items purchased led to donations for charities to those impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Money could also instead go to local hospitals in California or throughout the country.

I searched on Google and didn’t see any recent stories that described such a thing occurring.  So, for now, I have to side with the WIFE for a change – at least, when it comes to sports.

The Los Angeles Rams not only released a mediocre new logo today, but also did so by failing to really focus their time and energy on the current health crisis in our country.

Some may think it’s overreacting but one can’t argue against the insensitivity of it all.

To the ownership of the Los Angeles Rams, maybe you should take a lesson from Mark Cuban, who has found a number of ways to try to help those in need during this difficult (and confusing) time.


Be safe out there and as always, thank you for reading The Wife Hates Sports!

Image Credit: Los Angeles Rams Twitter