LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has the most recognizable voice in all of college football.  Heck, he probably has the most recognizable voice in all of sports – and honestly, it might not be close.

Orgeron has always been a masterful recruiter and an energetic coach.  He recently added National Champion to his building resume.  His personality and voice get people to follow his lead.

That’s why the Ed Orgeron Coronavirus PSA is the perfect fit for those sitting on the fence when it comes to our current pandemic.  If you’re going to listen to anyone, it’s Orgeron, right?

That’s despite the fact that we should ALL be practicing social distancing right now.  It’s clear that is not occurring.  Many people feel the need to still hang in large crowds just to party on St. Patty’s Day (for example).  This includes non-Irish folk that just want a reason to down a bunch of drinks. 

There are photos of crowded five-hour waits at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, too. 

Talk about a breeding ground for Corona-expansion.

I get owning or running bars.  Only, we can find ways to support you as our favorite businesses, while not putting people at risk.  Airports need to (and should) add more restrictions, too. 

We need to get this under control.

So let’s listen to Coach O and then maybe hit the grocery store to stock up (just not on toilet paper).

Speaking of which, what other key situations would benefit from the Coach O audio montage?  Here are a few options that YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE:

Coach Orgeron Audio Montage Desires (Other than Coronavirus)

  • Announcing The Masters at Amen Corner
    • “He’s got a slippery six-footer for par here.”
  • Grocery Store Loudspeaker
    • “Attention Shoppers! We have a 2 for $5 deal on chicken salad this week!”
  • Olympic Figure Skating
    • “She needs to be flawless on this upcoming triple salchow.”
  • The Voice Replacement for Alexa (This was THE WIFE’s idea, to be honest)
    • “Here’s the forecast for tomorrow, look for lots of clouds, with a high of 52 degrees…”

All humor aside, BE SMART.  You can listen to Coach O or you can listen to the CDC.  The Ed Orgeron Coronavirus PSA is another public encouragement to do the right thing for the good of the country.  

We need to fight this in the right way before it really gets out of hand.  This isn’t anything that we have been through, so let’s act like we’ve been there and handle it the right way before people we care about are negatively impacted.

All the best to you and yours – and thank you for reading The Wife Hates Sports!