Sorry, SEC, but apparently not everyone shares the same passion for football as you do.  Sure, this year’s Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama has a chance to not only be an instant classic, but also the game of the year.  That doesn’t mean that everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the game.

Therefore, with these two top five teams facing off, I decided that I would take a quick moment to quiz THE WIFE, to see what she knew about this classic rivalry.

Here’s how the conversation went:


THE WIFE thinks… what?

KP: Do you know what the Iron Bowl is?

THE WIFE: The Iron Bowl?

KP: Yes, the Iron Bowl.  What is the Iron Bowl?

THE WIFE: Some kind of weightlifting thing?

KP: How about I give you three guesses, or maybe I could come up with a top five to put on TWHS?

THE WIFE: What do you mean more guesses?  It’s a weightlifting competition – that’s obviously what it is.

Apparently, she’s never seen this gem of a commercial before…

KP: If I could play a track of crickets chirping, I would do so.

THE WIFE: Something to do with golf?

KP: Golf?  I can’t say that you’re getting warmer.  In fact, you should get your head out of the freezer.

THE WIFE: Is it an Iron Man comic thing?

KP: No, honey, but someone should dress up as Tony Stark for it.  That would be brilliant.

THE WIFE: It’s seriously not a weightlifting thing?

KP: We’re still on this?


To recap, THE WIFE thinks the Iron Bowl may involve weightlifting, golf, or Tony Stark.

I finally gave in and mentioned that it’s one of the best rivalries in all of sports, a yearly football grudge match between Alabama and Auburn.

To her credit, THE WIFE is smart, but she does HATE sports.

Yeah, remember that little nugget?

Also to her credit, THE WIFE did follow up by asking more about why this rivalry is called the Iron Bowl.  For those that are not familiar, the Wikipedia page for the game discusses it in full detail – and quite well, I might add.  There’s history, notable games and a full list of results dating back to 1893.


This year’s Iron Bowl could be an instant classic – and here’s hoping it will be

Therefore, if you feel that your Iron Bowl knowledge could use a boost, check out that page, or tune into the game itself, as I’m sure there will be plenty of flashbacks to past performances.

So to you, football fan: ENJOY THE IRON BOWL… I know THE WIFE won’t.