As if the men of the world needed another reason to love Salma Hayek Pinault.

But now, the spunky Mexican American actress can not only be known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but also as a master of Flip Cup.

Those familiar with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will know that the future Tonight Show host loves to play games with his guests.  Last week, Hayek participated in the popular college drinking game, Flip Cup.


Salma Hayek Pinault dominates Jimmy Fallon in a game of Flip Cup

Hayek got off to a bit of a slow start, missing her first few attempts, but once she got the hang of it, she couldn’t miss, dominating Jimmy and putting him to shame.

See the impressive performance here, via this video from the Late Night website.

Also amusing is ‘The Roots’ playing in the background, with some of the band members having a hard time concentrating as Hayek plays the game in form-fitting, sexy attire.

Gorgeous, flirtatious and a master of drinking games?  That’s the ultimate trifecta for a lot of men out there – and that’s why Salma Hayek is the latest Wife of the Week at The Wife Hates Sports.

Congrats, Salma!