recently announced a winner in its inaugural “Hottest Golfer” poll, another future former wife in sports appears to have gotten her hot little hands on some high-priced housing and there’s a report emerging that a member of the Super Bowl bound New England Patriots is engaged.  Wife Wire time!

The “Wife Wire” highlights recent headlines that involve some of the beautiful wives in sports and entertainment, or just simply some of the more attractive female athletes out there.

Don’t sweat it guys, you don’t just get the news… you get some views, too.

On to the show…

WIFE WIRE: January 26, 2012

Wire 1: Sandra Gal

Status: In Sports – Professional Golfer (LPGA Tour)sandra-gal-lpga-hot-bikini

Gal was born in Germany and played golf at the University of Florida.  Hmm, wonder if she’s “Tebow crazy” like everyone else in Gainesville?

Gal (see right) recently hit the headlines over the last week.  Why?  Because she is the official winner of’s inaugural “Hottest Golfer” poll.

While Gal is striking, the best bet is that most guys – if paying close attention to this poll – would have stuffed the ballot boxes with the likes of LPGA names like Blair O’Neal (below) or Anna Rawson (at bottom).


Blair O’Neal is one of the most beautiful women in the world of golf

Wire 2: Anna Burns

Status: Future Wife in Sports? – Miss Hooters International 2005

While the New England Patriots are in the NFL spotlight for earning a berth in Super Bowl XLVI, it’s Wes Welker, who is hitting the headlines even harder, with reports stating that the Pats’ wide receiver has recently gotten engaged.


Reports say that Anna Burns is engaged to Wes Welker

Anna Burns, the reported future wife in sports, was Miss Hooters International 2005, and, well… in a word, “Wow”.  Wes clearly hasn’t just made a living catching passes from Tom Brady and making fun of Rex Ryan’s feet.

Wire 3: Vanessa Bryant

Status: Future Former Wife in Sports

Kobe Bryant is likely frustrated by the Lakers’ 11-8 start to the season.  That’s nothing compared to what he’s going through with his separation from Vanessa Bryant.

For those that haven’t heard, it appears that the artist formerly known as Kobe’s wife is set to nab “three Orange County properties worth an estimated $18.8 million”.

Kobe’s wallet feels lighter, for sure.  But that figure will likely be pocket change when all is said and done.

But the real question that remains: Will Vanessa do her best impression of Elin Nordegren, and demolish any of these mansions?  Yeah, doubtful, but speaking of Elin…


Elin Nordegren, also known as Tiger’s Ex, is on many men’s bucket list

Wire 4: Vanna White

Status: Not in Sports – Long-time TV Co-host on Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak openly admits that years ago, both he and Vanna White used to get drunk on margaritas while working on the show.

What an off-the-wall storyline.

Perhaps that’s why the show eventually made it so that Vanna only had to touch the lit box to make the letter show up.  Spinning it around (in a circle) may have been too challenging when on the sauce.


Anna Rawson will never take you on match play…