The beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway has been all over the headlines recently, mainly due to the fact that she will be playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, the follow-up to the insanely popular Christopher Nolan flick, The Dark Knight.

The hype has been through the roof on Nolan’s third Batman installment, including a lot of attention from the Paparazzi.


Hathaway entertained Conan’s audience with a Lil’ Wayne style rap

That extra attention has also affected Hathaway, who recently made an appearance on Conan, where she explained just how she helps herself vent off the frustration of life challenges such as the Paparazzi.

The answer: songwriting.

The surprise follow-up to that answer: in relation to the Paparazzi challenges, she wrote a rap song.  Yes, you read that correctly – a rap song that she told Conan O’Brien was “in the style of Lil’ Wayne”.

And as you will see below, the part that she performed on the show was entertaining, comical and borderline brilliant.


So how long before we see Hathaway come out with her own rap album?  Hey, stranger things have happened, right?  Okay, fine… she’ll probably stick to acting, which is fine with us.


Anne Hathaway isn’t just an actress. Believe it or not, she can rap, too.  Yes, rap.

YouTube Video via TeamCoco, featuring clip from Conan on TBS

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