Until today, I am at 100% admittance of never even flinching when the “Justin Bieber Bandwagon” drove by, but now, that may have changed slightly – ever so slightly.

That is, after I stumbled upon Justin Bieber’s recent interview with Radio Disney, at which hisjustin-bieber-ringtone-college-football conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Jaden Smith.

But the real story is the ringtone itself.  Before you go and discount this as just another Bieber post, take a listen to the kid’s ringtone.

Die-hard college football fans will especially appreciate it.

Video via YouTube – Interview via Radio Disney

If you listened to the entire video – which didn’t even reach two minutes in length – you will hear Bieber say that he “watched the video, thought it was funny”.  Ok, that doesn’t exactly scream rabid college football fan. 

But hey, we’ll take it anyway, right?

That, plus Mike Gundy’s press conference is easily one of the most memorable in the history of football, both college and professional.

The only question that remains is: Will Justin Bieber be a man (that people will still talk about) once he’s 40?  

All signs point to: No.

Video via YouTube – Mike Gundy’s Legendary Press Conference

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