Here at The Wife Hates Sports, we are huge fans of the show LOST – for its creativity, unpredictability, character development and more.

Therefore, as the series finale to the ABC hit show arrives – the interest in the show and its secrets are likely reaching a boiling point – to the point where maybe, just maybe… it’s getting annoying for some, as the fanatics are salivating and chiming in on every last detail.

So that placed me in a boat where I felt the need to brainstorm the top ways in which a LOST fanatic could annoy his/her co-workers in the office.  Call it an attempt at humor…


Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Co-Workers During LOST Series Finale Week

10. When giving out an assignment or asking a question to a co-worker, start the conversation with the line, “Jacob has chosen you as a candidate”

9. For any male wearing dark colors in the office, refer to him as “The Man in Black”

8. Give everyone a solution to a problem in an important meeting, but follow it up by saying that it’s “not what you recommended in the flash sideways meeting”

7. Speak in an accent and call everyone at work “brotha”

6. During an important meeting in the boardroom, press your face against the glass, slamming your hand up against it – revealing the message “Not Penny’s Boat”

5. Rename all the company conference rooms after DHARMAhot-evangeline-lilly-kate-on-lost stations

4. Set off the fire alarm and frantically run screaming, “The Smoke Monster is here, the Smoke Monster is here!!”

3. Ask anyone and everyone if they’ve heard the latest song by Driveshaft

2. Refer to your company’s competitors as “The Others”

1. Tell your boss you can’t attend that important staff meeting because you have to type six numbers into your computer every 108 minutes


If you’re a LOST fan, enjoy the finale on May 23rd and I invite you to drop by The Wife Hates Sports to chat about the show once it’s over with.