Thank you, Miranda.  Wait, that’s one of the characters from Sex and the City 2, right?

Sex and the City… it’s like crack for women.  They flocked to see the first movie and they’ll flock to see the sequel, too.

As a guy, I don’t really understand why – but then again, I haven’t seen an episode.

I do realize the sequel is coming out – because it’s being advertised like crazy – that and I’ve noticed that the localized estrogen levels appear to be above the legal limit.

To be honest, Sex and the City 2 looks somewhat

So wait, these four women are somewhere now where camels roam?  Yet, they’re still sporting shoes that cost more than the clothes in my entire closet?

And women want to see this?

OK, well… I approve… because if the sequel will be anything like the first movie, the women are already plotting their escape for an evening of sex (in movie form), drinks, gossip and… well, whatever it is women do when they’re out together.

This is where I step in to declare the Sex and the City 2 movie to be the NEW official sponsor of GUYS NIGHT OUT.

Well, simply because there are men in the world that can go out as they please, too.

There are also those men that have open situations with the wife where a guys night out is no big thing from time to time.

Then there are those that could have their pants lit on fire – but not be able to leave the house to hose themselves down with a stream of water.

For those guys, we encourage you to promote Sex and the City 2.

Let me dive in further…

  • When the commercials come on, turn the TV up if the WIFE is out of the room.
  • When the ads for Sex and the City 2 are on, engage with the wife: “Wow, honey… that looks great, you should really get out with some of your friends and watch that one on Saturday night.”
  • If the WIFE hasn’t seen the first one, rent it or toss it to the top of your Netflix queue.  Hell, maybe even buy it on sale at Target or Amazon, if you can.
  • On top of that, maybe do a little something romantic to help put her in the mood when she gets back.  I mean… you’ve seen the title of the movie, right?

Got me?

Whatever you do, don’t research the show so much that you get dragged to it yourself… that is, if you’re even allowed in.funny-beer-and-sex-image

Seriously, is the movie not just Rated R, but also Rated F – for females only?

Quite possibly.

So while the majority of the ladies bust down the doors at your local theater – spewing out more estrogen than at a bachelorette party – that leaves the men free for a night out as well.

Because men, you love the WIFE – but every now and then, you need a night out for some live sports and beers.

So, break out the grill, guys – cheer up a few cold ones – and pull a line from Swingers and call me “MONEY” for the idea, because it’s GUYS NIGHT OUT.

Thank me all you want – but also thank those swanky shoe-wearin’ ladies, too – whatever their names are again.

*Note: The following movie clip contains language not suitable for all audiences