The concept of a man hogging the remote is an old wive’s tale – literally.  They are “remote controlling” as much as we are.  Face it, the women get their hot little hands on the TV’s main life force just as much, and that can result in a mean-spirited battle for couch potato domination. 

Okay, fine… maybe something not quite that dramatic.

Either way, every man could use a leg up on the wife when it comes to the TV – and if I can do my part to help the men of the world survive, then gosh darnit, well… I don’t know what.

Take these recent TV nuggets of advice – featuring the hockey and hoops playoffs (from Thursday May 6th through the weekend) – and TAKE BACK the TV!!

Note: All times based off Eastern Time schedule – Check local listings for channel info

Disclaimer: To those women that love sports – I know you’re also out there.  We want to build statues for you – OK, maybe not – but hey, you’re pretty neat anyway.

Remote Controlling: May 6 – 9, 2010

Thursday May 6

7:00 PM – NHL Playoffs – Pittsburgh at Montreal (Game 4)

Penguins lead series 2-1

7:30 PM – NHL Playoffs – San Jose at Detroit (Game 4)

Sharks lead series 3-0 – and can clinch berth in Western Conference Finals with a win

8:00 PM – NBA Playoffs – Atlanta at Orlando (Game 2)

Magic lead series 1-0


It’s going to be a tough night to get control of the TV, what with new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice during this window… plus My Big Fat Greek Wedding airs on ABC Family as well.

Better call for backup – that’s a triple threat.

Friday May 7

7:00 PM – NHL Playoffs – Boston at Philadelphia (Game 4)

Canadiens Bruins Hockey

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Bruins lead series 3-0 – and can clinch berth in Eastern Conference Finals with a win

7:00 PM – NBA Playoffs – Cleveland at Boston (Game 3)

Series tied 1-1

7:10 PM – MLB – N.Y. Yankees at Boston

Phil Hughes is slated to face off against Josh Beckett

9:30 PM – NHL Playoffs – Chicago at Vancouver (Game 4)

Blackhawks lead series 2-1

9:30 PM – NBA Playoffs – Phoenix at San Antonio (Game 3)

Suns lead series 2-0


If the wife isn’t into any of the above, you have some competition – as ABC Family is at it again, this time airing The Notebook.  Master the parental lock if you can – because perhaps the wife hasn’t yet.  Oh, and buy some tissues – I hear that one’s extra sappy.


Saturday May 8

3:10 PM – MLB – N.Y. Yankees at Boston

Boston has youngster Buchholz facing off against New York’s ace C.C. Sabathia

5:00 PM – NBA Playoffs – Orlando at Atlanta (Game 3)

The Magic head on the road to Atlanta

7:00 PM – NHL Playoffs – Montreal at Pittsburgh (Game 5)

Penguins at home and could have a chance to clinch series, depending on Game 4

8:00 PM – NBA Playoffs – L.A. Lakers at Utah (Game 3)

Lakers lead series 2-0

10:00 PM – NHL Playoffs – Detroit at San Jose (Game 5 – if necessary)

This game is off the map if Detroit can’t take Game 4


How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days is on USA during the afternoon and during the evening games, you may get a fight from either The Bridges of Madison County or The Holiday – which could suit the wife’s fancy.

Sunday May 9

3:30 PM – NBA Playoffs – Cleveland at Boston (Game 4)

Boston will be going crazy with LeBron in townarod-varitek-yankees-red-sox-brawl

8:00 PM – NHL Playoffs – Vancouver at Chicago (Game 5)

The Windy City is desperate for another title

8:00 PM – NBA Playoffs – Phoenix at San Antonio (Game 4)

The Spurs could be in a must-win situation depending on Game 3

8:05 PM – MLB – N.Y. Yankees at Boston

Two hot pitchers take the mound, as Boston’s Jon Lester faces off against New York’s A.J. Burnett at Fenway Park



50 First Dates is on during the day, and the wife may try and drag you in by mentioning Adam Sandler as a co-star.

For the nightcap, if you want to catch the playoff matchups, you should be on red alert, with tons of problem flicks and shows – such as Little Women (FLIX), 27 Dresses (FX) and an all-new Desperate Housewives (ABC).

If anything, catch yourself a good long-lasting glimpse of Eva Longoria Parker, and be on your merry playoff way.

That’s all for now… until next time – stay tuned, happy watching and good luck Remote Controlling!

Oh and by the way, thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!