Football season is coming to a close, and please don’t tell my husband, but I have to admit, I will miss our lazy ‘football Sundays’. While it is obviously nice to have ‘me time’ and sporting events typically present me with the perfect opportunities, we want to spend time together on weekends so we compromise. He watches the game with laptop in tow and beer at hand. I curl up next to him and read a good book or catch up on the latest People (or, most likely, take a nap). It seems like the perfect way to unwind and relax before the Sunday night blues set in …

But then somewhere along the way, he seems to think I’m actually watching the game too. Uh?

Either his excitement of whatever play just went down jars me from my precious sleepy stupor or he excitedly looks at me and says “Oh my god, did you just see that play? You HAVE to see this play. Here, let me rewind it.”

Oh, the joys of DVR.  And if it doesn’t seem like I’m really paying attention the first time, he is known to rewind for a second viewing.  Maybe even a third.  Or better yet, I’ll get a VERY detailed recap of what just happened in the most technical-of-all-technical sports terms. 

Hmmm, honey, you lost me at ‘football’.


And he then wonders why I’ll pull a ‘two chickens’ on him.  You may be wondering what the heck a ‘two chickens’ is. (check out the Wifetionary for a more detailed explanation) The gist is that, let’s be honest, I’m really not paying attention to his convoluted explanation and when called out on it, I’ll simply say at least one word I know he just muttered in his excited sports rant. So at least it kind of looks like I was listening? Right? Maybe? Sports or no sports, we all have to admit, we’re guilty of at least a few ‘two chickens’ moments.

So yes, I must say a part of me is sad to say goodbye to football … but oh joy, now we’re about to move on to my most favorite sport of all. Baseball. Sigh … I’ll save THAT for another day =)