How many of you have a crazy story tied to losing a tooth and delivering it straight to the Tooth Fairy?  People in my generation seem to have plenty of these stories, with the most common being the ol’ string on the door knob trick.  Anyone go through that one?  THE WIFE did… and stated the tactic didn’t work on multiple occasions.  Kaycee Sogard – the wife of Milwaukee Brewers 2B Eric Sogard – recently posted a video on Twitter that is sure to top any tooth pulling adventure you’ve ever attempted.  It’s kind of like a gender reveal for the tooth fairy.

I’m pretty confident she’s not a wife that hates sports.

As you’ll see, Kaycee and family might have us all beat when it comes to tooth removal.  Then again, who knows, I could be wrong.  There are a lot of crazy and adventurous people out there.  Who knows what some of you have done just to extract a chiclet from your face?

Line Drive, Bicuspid Hit!

Sogard’s son – clearly a chip off the old block, as you’ll soon see – is highlighted in the video, ready to attempt to hit a baseball that is attached to a string.  That string is attached to Sogard’s daughter’s loose tooth, in hopes to accelerate a special visit from the Tooth Fairy.

No, we don’t mean you, Rock.  Forget it.

There.  Done.

With videos like the following, I always wonder just how many takes these take.  It’s like those trick shot videos, which are always impressive, but likely take hours to perfect.

Then again, maybe Sogard’s son delivered on the first try.  Either way, here’s how it all went down:

This is a much fancier trick as compared to the aforementioned door knob tactic, don’t you think?

Your Tooth Stories

What stories of tooth removal do you have as a kid (or as a parent)?  Don’t be shy.  There has to be people out there that are willing to share some entertaining stories.  Chime in on your fun adventures in the comments section below.

My Tooth Stories

As for our household, we have a unique tooth fairy adventure that is also tied to baseball.  I’m going to save this story for another day and will refer back to this post when I do.  As a preview, it has to do with the son (that hopefully some day will love sports).

As for me, I have no crazy stories as a kid.  I remember considering the door trick but never actually went through with it.  My teeth just came out whenever the heck they wanted to – unprompted.  Then my mouth likely kept a Florida Orthodontist in business.

Don’t forget to brush – and thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!


Video Credits: Eric and Kaycee Sogard, via Kaycee Sogard’s Twitter Account | Tooth Fairy Movie

Image Credit: Eric Sogard and his kids, via Kaycee Sogard’s Twitter Account