COVID-19 has sent the world as we know it into a complete tailspin.  Our daily lives have been flipped upside down in a number of different ways.  While so many people spend time bickering and disagreeing about politics or the severity of this pandemic, others are either out of work or risking their lives to help others.  That leaves the rest of us, who are homeschooling our kids, working full-time and doing what we can to support relief efforts and/or local businesses.  We do what we can, when we can – and there are companies out there doing the same.  Take Fanatics, for example, which has its NFL Stronger Together apparel line, in which all proceeds benefit COVID-19 relief efforts.

The National Football League receives zero profits from this apparel line.

Yes, you read that right.

This is simply another way that we can buy apparel of our favorite team while also supporting a worthy cause.  Specifically, here is the statement from Fanatics under each available apparel item:

Shop the new NFL Stronger Together shirts with proceeds benefiting COVID-19 relief efforts across the nation. The NFL does not profit from the sale of the shirts. The NFL and Fanatics will support the United Way’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund by donating all NFL proceeds from the sale of these ”Stronger Together” apparel items to the United Way (proceeds from the sale of Dallas Cowboys ”Stronger Together” apparel items will support the Salvation Army’s COVID-19 relief efforts).

Shirts are available in a few different shades of gray, as well as in both women’s and men’s sizes.  They also have both sweatshirts and t-shirts available.

No, that’s not shades of gray, as in your opinion on COVID-19.  Let’s keep this positive, shall we?

Each article of clothing features the phrase “Stronger Together” and an NFL team logo.

NFL Stronger Together Apparel: Sweatshirts and t-shirts available in men’s and women’s sizes for all teams

So, if you are a WIFE that LOVES sports – or even a WIFE that HATES sports – this is a way for you to support a good cause, while also supporting your team.

If you’re a WIFE that HATES sports, if anything, it makes for a cool gift idea.

The shirt itself has longevity to it, because it can also read as the team itself being “stronger together’, and not just one star player sitting in the spotlight.

I love me a good metaphor.

Links to the shirts are available throughout this post, so if you like the way they look and want to find new ways to support the cause, I suggest you invest.

Kudos to both Fanatics and the NFL for putting this effort in motion.

Oh, and as always, thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!