The advertising landscape has changed drastically in recent years.  That’s obviously for a variety of reasons.  From one end, it’s subtraction due to streaming.  On another side, it is cost.  One example of that is the reduction of humorous beer ads during the Super Bowl.  This was a topic I was recently discussing with friends after stumbling upon the old school Budweiser Frogs ad that first aired during Super Bowl XXIX.  That’s why it was equally interesting to discover that the massive beer company recently released a quarantine edition of its original Whassup commercial.

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the Whassup commercial when it aired in 1999 during Monday Night Football.  Not a Super Bowl commercial, but still a high-traffic football window.  It was the first of many in the series (through 2002) and also one of a long stretch of hilarious commercials from the beer giant.  We haven’t seen many ads like this in years.

They used to be the norm during the biggest sporting event of the year.  Remember the Bud Bowl?  Then, the frogs?  Whassup ads?  Budweiser lizards?  The list goes on.

Super Bowls no longer feature funny commercials from the big beer companies – or really any companies for that matter.  It’s more rare than it is common.

Whassup, Bud?

But getting back to the primary subject, let’s start by presenting the new quarantine edition of the Budweiser Whassup ad (below).  It includes a nice message and reminder to stay in touch with your buds during social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic.

For me, it also provided a nostalgic laugh and look back to simpler times when I was in college.  I remember friends spending many-a-time saying “whassup” to each other after this ad landed on TV.  We did it so often that it actually got old rather quick.

But let’s not stop there, Budweiser.  I’ve got a brilliant idea for you. 

No, really.

A Froggin’ Great Idea

Keep the updated quarantine ads coming.  How about this update to the original Budweiser frogs commercial that gave us a good laugh during Super Bowl XXIX?  As in, this one:

Here’s my proposed updated frog-speak gist:



At.  Stay.

Stay. At.

Stay.  Home.

Stay.  At.

Stay.  Home.  At.


Stay.  At.  Home?

Stay.  At.  Home.

Stay.  At.  Home.

Stayyy!  At!  Home!

From a frog standpoint, “Bud = Stay”, “Weis = At” and “Er = Home”.  Most of you probably figured that out, but I thought I’d clarify, because hey… some of you think you can ingest disinfectant. 

Hey, you’re welcome, Budweiser.

Stay safe and stay… at… home.  As always, thanks for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!