Not all heroes wear capes.  Many currently wear masks and scrubs.  That’s our current new norm – at least, for now.  During a very strange and surreal time, the COVID-19 pandemic is fortunately not just countered with sarcastic memes, negativity and political bickering.  There are actually plenty of heartwarming stories to spread appreciation, encouragement and positive vibes.  One example involves the midtown Atlanta healthcare workers, who are simply continuing to do their job during a time of crisis.

Only, in a tweet that is quickly going viral (we really need a new term for that by the way), the surrounding residences in midtown Atlanta are showering local area healthcare workers with love and support.

As you will see below, during the evening shift change, local residents have headed out to their balconies to celebrate these hardworking individuals with cheers.

Seriously, how awesome is this? 

As a die-hard sports fan, there is no bigger compliment than to celebrate and cheer a player who leaves a game following a top-notch performance.

For all of these people who are risking their lives and doing everything possible to try and help their communities, there is no greater compliment here, too.

Well, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and thank them, but you get the idea.

Say Thank You…from a Distance

I honestly hope this concept catches on in other areas of the country.  It would be great to see a lot of other residential areas find ways to cheer on these healthcare workers while also practicing social distancing.  That’s the key, to celebrate them, but still be smart about it. 

Certainly, in some cases, it will be manageable – but not in all situations.

In midtown Atlanta, it was clearly doable – and really a heartwarming moment during a time that really needs A TON of heartwarming moments.

Let’s all try to share our own positive moments during this very challenging time.  That’s what the world needs right now.  It’s important to avoid the negativity and the political statements.  Whether you support the political agendas being tossed around more than toilet paper memes, perhaps let them take a rest on the bench for now.

We need each other right now more than anything.

So, bravo, Atlanta!  Thank you to every person that is out there providing care to us.  That includes those in healthcare, at grocery stores, or in any other essential service role.  Please know that there are countless people that appreciate all that you are doing.

Present company included!


Share your heartwarming stories below and as always, thank you for reading The Wife Hates Sports!

H/T: Twitter user StanceGrounded | Image: Atlanta skyline