Men of the world usually measure their own manliness by either their ability to not cry during a sappy movie, or by his pain threshold.  What about labor pain simulation?

When measuring pain, we men often don’t verbalize, or when we do, it’s often while dropping phrases such as “Rub some dirt on it, kid”, or “Suck it up, pal”.

For women, it’s the opposite.  More often than not, emotions are expected in any way, shape, or form.

And in the never-ending gender battle of MAN vs. WOMAN, we men usually avoid the whole pain conversation, especially when it comes to childbirth.

Still, that doesn’t mean that some of us don’t sometimes think, “Oh, how bad could it REALLY be?”


Labor Pain Simulation: How painful can being in labor be? I think this guy’s face says it all

Two husbands sought out and got an answer to that question – and the result, well… was a strange and twisted mixture of concern and humor.

But for the WIFE, the wife’s friends – and the wives in the video – it was hilarious.

Well, gents, where do we feel that these guys rank in the world of pain threshold?  While I have the utmost appreciation for what the wives of the world have to go through, we must briefly – and I said briefly – admit that neither of these two were presented with the option of an epidural.

Either way, it was an entertaining watch, and I was especially amused by the guy on the right, when he kept telling his wife to leave him alone and stop talking.