I’ll admit I was a devout Leno fan. If I actually managed to stay up late enough, I’d always choose Jay over Dave. I very rarely managed to stay up for Conan, but I was definitely excited for his new gig in Hollywood as the host of The Tonight Show. The DVR was even set so we could watch every show.

When the proverbial ‘sh*t’ hit the fan and Conan was being canned, I was more than annoyed at Jay. After all, he publicly chose to retire (or so we thought). He took the risk of a 10 PM slot and it bombed. Conan had a contract. It was a given the ratings wouldn’t be as high as Jay’s in the beginning but Conan at least deserved more time to prove himself. It seemed like Jay was simply throwing a bit of a tantrum and wanted his old job back.


But then the executives finally started talking … and so did Jay. Looks like Jay had little to nothing to do with it after all. Conan still got screwed, but we can’t exactly blame Jay. But here’s my dilemma: do I watch Jay again? A part of me thinks not – I just don’t want to give NBC the satisfaction.

What do you think of all the Tonight Show drama?

Will you be tuning in to watch Jay Leno on Monday?

  • No - I support Team Coco! (83%, 15 Votes)
  • No - Dave Letterman all the way! (11%, 2 Votes)
  • Yes - Welcome back Jay! (6%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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