The New England Patriots and Peyton Manning have a rivalry outside of football.

One in epic dance moves.

It’s been nearly a week, but the Peyton Manning “Rocky Top” dance video still has legs.  If it was possible for a video to go viral twice, this one would have.

At a recent Denver Broncos practice, Manning was caught on video – at multiple angles, mind you – dancing to “Rocky Top”, the song that is most associated with Tennessee Volunteers football, where Manning played during his college days.

In case you missed it – and you might be the one last on Earth – here it is:

Yes, Peyton Manning can sure sling a football, but his mobility outside of the pocket remains highly questionable.

We poke fun, yet the majority of us would be standing idle, ensuring that the walls don’t come crashing down.

But epic dance moves are not just limited to Manning these days.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft dusted off his dancing shoes on Friday, and showcased his moves during the team’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony that honored Ty Law.

Peyton Manning and Robert Kraft both have dance moves

Which is better: The Peyton Manning ‘Rocky Top’ dance or the Robert Kraft dance video?

This is not the first time that Kraft’s dance moves are a highlight reel.  Specifically, he has cut a rug during New England’s past Super Bowl celebrations.

Law always led the charge, and this was therefore a fitting addition to the Hall of Fame party. columnist Mike Petraglia posted a few raw videos of Kraft and Law to both his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Hey, Mr. Kraft, those are a sweet pair of kicks.

Dancing shoes, if you will.

If Elaine Benes were a real person, she would be beaming right now.

But the real question for readers is this: Who has the better dance moves?

Is it Peyton Manning or Robert Kraft?  Do you prefer the Peyton Manning “Rocky Top” dance or the Robert Kraft dance during the title celebration?

Take a gander at the videos and make your vote.

This should be interesting.

Who has the better dance moves?

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