Like every wife, or in this case, a future WIFE in sports, Katherine Webb loves to show off jewelry.

Webb – engaged to quarterback A.J. McCarron – apparently loves to flaunt the former Alabama QB’s hardware, too.

Recently, via her Instagram account, Webb posted an image of herself wearing seven rings, all earned by McCarron during his tenure with the Crimson Tide.  The rings range from BCS National Championship rings to hardware for SEC Championships, as well as division titles.

Wait, they give away rings for division titles?

Anyone else feel that is a bit “Wall of Gaylord”, from Meet the Fockers?

“Oh, Jack, they got ’em all the way up to tenth place.”

Of course, these aren’t the first rings that Webb has posted to Instagram, as her engagement ring hit the account three months prior.

That one photo was likely taken at least thirty different times.

Probably fifty.

Ask any wife, as once the rock lands on their finger, they stare at it for days after.

Sometimes weeks.

As most football fans know by now, Katherine Webb burst onto the scene thanks to the success of Alabama football, but more notably landed in the spotlight after long time announcer Brent Musburger swooned over her during a nationally televised game.

She remained in the limelight due to her striking beauty (she’s Miss Alabama 2012), along with the sheer fact that Webb was an Auburn grad dating an Alabama QB.


The beautiful Katherine Webb (Image Credit: Instagram, _katherinewebb)

For some fans in that very passionate football state, it’s the ultimate no-no, like jumping into a swimming pool with an electronic device plugged in and wrapped around your crotch.

In fact, the word rivalry just doesn’t fully explain Alabama vs. Auburn.

But as a hot future WIFE in sports, she got a pass from most fans.

The 23 year-old McCarron now moves on from Alabama.  It’s on to the NFL, with the Cincinnati Bengals selecting him in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

With plenty of talent, the Bengals could very well make a deep playoff run, which should work out for the future Mrs. McCarron, as she has plenty of finger space left for more rings.

Especially if the NFL also gives out rings for division titles.

The wedding date is set for July 11th, and then Webb can officially join the ranks of wives in sports.  By July 12th, expect more Instagram ring photos.