It’s been days since Jim Tressel resigned as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, but the news stories keep on coming – and from all angles, too.

In particular, three unique Tressel-related tidbits recently hit the news, from an Ohio restaurant changing its menu, to a minor league baseball team poking fun at the story, to the former Bucks coach himself chiming in during a rally outside his own home.

A Rare Menu Change


Maybe the steakhouse in Cleveland should just name its beef after Brutus

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, an Ohio restaurant based in the Cleveland area, has decided to drop the “Tressel Steak” from its menu.  The co-founder of the restaurant went on tell the Columbus Dispatch that the item was eliminated because Tressel was no longer the coach of Ohio State football.

But let’s be honest, the real reason wasn’t that at all.  It was more the negative publicity that comes with Tressel’s name at the current time.  Is this place really trying to tell us that it would’ve dropped the steak if Tressel left riding off into the sunset?

It leaves me equally curious about a few things.  First, how much does having a food named after a famous local player or coach matter for a business?  Unless there are heavy endorsements from that individual or a giant glossy photo of him in the restaurant chowing down on it, what else makes a person order it?  That’s besides the fact that it’s simply a juicy steak.

InVESTing in Baseball

The Fort Myers Miracle – a minor league baseball club in Florida – wants to invest in the Tressel story.  In fact, Monday night (June 6th) will officially be known as “Rest the Vest” night at Hammond Stadium, the home of the team.

The game will feature a few promotions that poke fun at the Tressel situation.  Specifically, according to the Miracle website,  – fans are “encouraged to bring their sweater vest and place it in the retirement bin”.

Doing that has its perks, but it’s not the best concept of the night.

Another key promotion during the game is that any fan that shows a tattoo of any kind will “receive a piece of Miracle memorabilia to keep or sell”.

In my opinion, the entire promotion is brilliant.  Any Ohio State fan with a sense of humor – if there are any still out there – should appreciate it.  If not, there are plenty of other Big Ten or college football fans that will.

Tressel on Michigan: “We’re Going to Kick Their Ass”

Tressel himself is back in the news after a significant group of Buckeyes fans sparked a rally outside the former Ohio State coach’s house.

As always, when sports fans rally and cheer, cries come out against the team’s biggest rival.  So yes, anti-Michigan chants became part of the celebration.  In response, Tressel said, “Don’t forget: November 26th we’re going to kick their ass!”

The biggest question remains just how long Tressel will refer to Ohio State as “we”.  You also have to wonder if he’ll ever be a head coach again.

Either way, the response was greeted with cheers.  Fans were there screaming, waving signs and supporting the coach in any way possible.  One fan at the rally reportedly wore a shirt that simply said, “Jim Tressel For President.”

Now, there’s an idea – because after all, most politicians are liars and cheaters, too.

Just ask Schwarzenegger.


Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel on the Buckeyes playing Michigan in 2011: “We’re going to kick their ass!”