It’s been a while since The Wife Hates Sports has tossed a caption challenge in the direction of our faithful, creative and funny readers – and now that I’ve buttered you up, I’ll first talk some of the most talked about quarterbacks of the 2010 NFL season, and then follow each mini-update with a caption challenge.

The three chosen quarterbacks are: Peyton Manning, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler.

First, there’s Peyton Manning and the Colts.

For anyone slamming down on the Colts for the beating they have taken this preseason (especially at the hands of the Packers the other night), they should take a look at the history books – as the Colts haven’t fared well in the preseason for years.

The bigger concern regarding the Colts should instead be the new umpire position rule – as further discussed in The New York Times.  In particular, this new rule could take away a major advantage that the Colts have in how Manning and Co. run their offense.

But enough of what Peyton is saying about that, what about here?

Picture 1: Peyton Manning


Let’s hear your best Peyton Manning captions! (AP Photo/Bill Waugh)

Second, there’s Matt Leinart and the Arizona Cardinals.

Certainly, Leinart has been taking a lot of criticism with his play – and not just during this preseason, but over the past few years since being drafted by Arizona.

Kurt Warner’s retirement was the open door for Leinart to take over a very talented offense – but to this point, Leinart has floundered that opportunity, and recently, the Cardinals have announced that Derek Anderson will start the team’s next preseason game.

Hmm, wonder what advice Kurt Warner would have…

Picture 2: Matt Leinart


What’s Kurt Warner saying to Matt Leinart? Let’s hear your best!

Finally, there’sJay Cutler and the Chicago Bears.

Cutler has been one of the more unique stories of the NFL, first as a quarterback that generated so much hype and excitement when headed to Chicago last year – only to throw a league-high in interceptions.

This year, the expectations are not as high, but Mike Martz is running the offense now.

However, as Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Martz still wants the Bears starting QB to remain aggressive – and not discuss interceptions at all.

Certainly, there’s a good possibility that Cutler could be all-smiles in 2010 – and instead not making faces like this…

Picture 3: Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler may have a better year with Mike Martz – but what about a caption for this image?

Now that you have your triple dose of caption challenge pictures, here’s your chance to generate the most creative, funny, or unique caption possible for one – or all of them.  Either that, or just pitch in your initial thoughts on either or any of these three QB’s.

To reward you, we’ll find a way to highlight our winners for each of the captions above.

Have at it, friends – and as always, thanks for reading The Wife Hates Sports!