It’s been a wild crazy stretch in the sports world.  Time for Throwing Tomatoes?

College football saw a mid-June shakeup that could have been much more dramatic.throwingtomatoesbanner

The Lakers are NBA champs and the Chicago Blackhawks are hoisting the Stanley Cup for the first time in decades.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is in full swing and the U.S. Open is nearing its conclusion, with both Tiger and Phil lurking on the leaderboard.

As the headlines continue to get generated, more stories of sports frustration are right there in the mix.  Don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them covered – in lycopene, that is.

Throwing Tomatoes: June 20, 2010

Koman Coulibaly

…for becoming the most famous name in this year’s World Cup.

If you haven’t heard of Coulibaly, then you simply haven’t been following the World Cup.


Koulibaly is the goat of the 2010 World Cup

Yes, he’s the referee that single-handedly stole away a comeback victory for the United States(against Slovenia) a few short days ago.

In the end, hopefully he won’t also be stealing away the Americans’ ticket to the next round.  That fate can be erased simply wilth a U.S. victory over Algeria on Wednesday morning.

On the bright side, he may have sparked more red, white and blue interest in the World Cup.

French Soccer

… for doing what they do best.

Forget Spain losing in its opening game, or England underachieving in the World Cup – because France has been the biggest disappointment of the tournament so far.

It all started when striker Nicolas Anelka was dismissed from the team after having an argument the team’s coach, Raymond Domenech.surrender-raise-the-white-flag

Next, the team’s fitness coach and Domenech got in a spat – and now the team director has resigned.

What teamwork!

On top of all that, the French haven’t scored a goal in its first two games – managing one point thanks to a 0-0 draw with Urugay in the team’s first game.

Should we have expected any less than to see the French surrender so easily?

Probably not…

Albert Haynesworth

…for being the highest paid crybaby in sports.

Forget the ongoing Brett Favre retirement saga… because the Albert Haynesworth story is by far the most annoying in the NFL right now.big-crybaby

The guy signs a mega deal (which yes, I agree was a mistake by the Redskins in the first place) – and does nothing but complain ever since.

He’s a clubhouse cancer and a complainer.  It has to get to a point that who cares how much talent a guy has in this day and age – there’s always a valuable replacement.

If the Redskins are lucky enough to move him, then let it be done.  If not, just cut your losses and cut your ties – and no one else should sign the guy, either.

Florida Marlins

…for spreading and supporting the vuvuzela nightmare.

In a home game against in-state rival Tampa Bay, the Florida Marlins handed out 15,000 horns that were considered to be “vuvuzela-like”.

Yes, the Fish were looking to feed off the World Cup – and obviously handed these out intentionally.vuvuzela-official-voice-of-the-2010-world-cup

Only, perhaps the Marlins weren’t really paying attention – because if one were to focus on the feedback regarding the vuvuzelas, they would discover that the majority of people can’t stand the damn things – present company included.

Instead, I would have recommended some kind of Marlins-US soccer t-shirt combination giveaway – something significantly more silent.

Andrej Komac

…for not providing a money back guarantee.

Don’t think for one second that as an American, I’d let this one slip through the cracks.

It has happened countless times in the United States – a player guaranteeing a win, but can’t back up his bold prediction.splatteredtomato

Andrej Komac of Slovenia guaranteed a victory over the Americans – and as we all know by now, that didn’t happen.  In fact, the Slovenians were lucky to end the game in a draw.

Bravo, Andrej… any other big predictions?  Semifinals, maybe?  C’mon man – aim high.

The Powers of the World Cup

…for creating a March Madness atmosphere.

It’s great for World Cup fans – as this tournament appears to be wide open, what with Brazil having trouble escaping with a win, Spain losing already, Germany falling in its second match, France falling apart, England struggling and Italy managing two draws, including in its second match against New Zealand.

But for all of those aforementioned soccer powers – what a disappointment so far…

For the fans: Do we have a March Madness situation coming our way?  One can only hope.

This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where one can toot his own horn, but just as long as it is not vuvuzela-like in nature…