Like all sports, Major League Baseball has had its fair share of issues and obstacles to conquer in 2020.  “America’s Pastime” has likely experienced the most challenges in keeping its sport on track.  Of all the major sports, the pandemic has hit baseball the hardest, although that could soon change.  A handful of teams are struggling with positive COVID results.  But despite all the negative headlines, some baseball franchises are doing as much as possible to keep fans happy and engaged, despite the obvious lack of butts in seats.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of those teams.

Trey Jones of The Sports Fan Journal recently shared a letter provided by the Pittsburgh Pirates to a fan (via his Twitter account).

As Jones states, it’s a “clever fan engagement move” – and I 100% agree.

This is likely a surprise to a season ticket holder at PNC Park, a place that is more of a ghost town these days and much less like the featured image above.

I love the fact that teams are trying to find ways to be creative and place a positive spin on a very bizarre and often depressing situation.

For some fans, sports are their livelihood.

Yeah, many are not like THE WIFE.

Pittsburgh Pirates Gear

I’m willing to bet that season ticket holders feel like there’s a gaping hole in the entertainment aspect of their world.  We all likely feel that way to a degree, but regular stadium goers have to really feel that way.

Perhaps I’m just picturing Jimmy Fallon’s character from Fever Pitch in my head, I don’t know.

Either way, the Pirates are not alone.  Other teams like the Oakland A’s are doing similar things, such as cardboard cutouts of fans in seats.  Donate and have your face on TV behind home plate.  Social media accounts of teams are also active and engaging.

In this case, credit the Pittsburgh Pirates for at least seeking clever ways to make their fans smile.  By passing over a game-used baseball that landed in their seat, well, that’s a pretty cool idea.

For those that have a collection of unique sports memorabilia, this would be a nifty little add.

Until then, we’ll just have to look forward to the day when fans can pack stadiums again.  We can only do our part to try to be smart and safe.  Follow guidelines and wear a mask.

What is your favorite promotion or headline tied to a sports franchise during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Chime in via the comments below and as always, thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!