In recent weeks, you witnessed the triumphant return of Throwing Tomatoes at The Wife Hates Sports.  Now, it’s time to resurrect Gold Stars, a concept that praises specific performances or headlines in the world of sports and entertainment.

In this edition of Gold Stars, Adley Rutschman leads the way, followed by AaronRodgers, among others.

The concept is based off our grade school days.  Remember when you were a young kid and received a grade for a project you completed?  We often would receive a gold star on the report, as opposed to an actual score or letter grade.  Well, unless you were a slacker.

These individuals or teams get the same treatment.

It’s that simple.  You know what else is that simple?  Pasting a gold star on each of these stories:

Gold Stars: The Beers and Souvenirs Edition

Adley Rutschman

…for being everything the Orioles need (and then some.

The Baltimore Orioles are rebuilding and for the most part, fans of the team are more than ok with that.  Mike Elias is leading the charge and there have been a lot of positives, even in the early stages.  One is Adley Rutschman, the first pick in the 2019 MLB Draft.  Many considered Adley to be the consensus number one selection and one of the best prospects in years. 

To this point, Adley is as advertised, and this doesn’t just include his performance on the field.  Oh, and by the way, the on-the-field play has been phenomenal, too.  His cannon arm is gunning down players attempting to steal.  His bat is alive.  That includes a .325 average and .413 OBP in 92 plate appearances, a 5-for-5 performance (last night alone), game winning hits and a recent promotion to the playoff bound Delmarva Shorebirds roster.  To top it all off, he is already a great teammate and making an impact with the fans, too.  Take this example, mentioned by Aberdeen Ironbirds play-by-play announcer Michael E. Lehr, via his Twitter account (below).  Watch out MLB, Adley Rutschman will be here before you know it.

Aaron Rodgers

…for being a man of the people.

Aaron Rodgers caught a bit grief for not successfully chugging a beer during a Milwaukee Bucks game a few months back.  Here’s a reminder of the moment:

Wait, that doesn’t deserve a gold star… so what gives?  Shouldn’t it go to David Bakhtiari?

Be patient.  The gunslinging Packers star quarterback proves he is a man of the people, even when it comes to beer.  Rodgers is campaigning for beer prices to be dropped at Lambeau Field, in hopes to lead to rowdier fans when the team is playing on defense.  Soak that in, cheese heads.  Oh, and as a side note, drink responsibly, friends – or as they say up in the land of the Packers, “Drink Wisconsinbly”. 

Bryson DeChambeau

…for holding himself accountable and being an advocate for improving slow play.

If you caught a recent edition of Throwing Tomatoes, I noted how Bryson DeChambeau caught a lot of flak for slow play at The Northern Trust tournament.  Instead of pushing back or laying blame on other PGA Tour players, Bryson took the bull by the horns and used the criticism to help improve the ongoing problem on tour.  He held himself accountable and vowed to improve, as well.  Since his first post on Instagram, he has since posted additional detail, with updates on slow play, including the following post (below).  Despite the significant criticism (via the commentary), he remains the same misunderstood personality. 

People complain by simply saying to “play faster”.  Like any sport, it’s not always that simple.  Don’t overreact on the guy.  I honestly believe Bryson is the real deal and wants to get better in all facets of the game, including slow play.  Let’s see where this goes from here on out.


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Had great meetings yesterday to move solutions on slow play. Excited to focus back on competing this week at @bmwchamps.

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Phil Mickelson

…for continuing to deliver ‘Phireside with Phil’ gold, this time with Tiger Woods.

If you read my recent post on Phil Mickelson and his Mom, you have recently read up a little bit on “Phireside with Phil”.  Phil continues to deliver very funny and clever videos, this time in an “interview” with Tiger Woods.  He shares a fun story about Tiger and Tony Romo.  Only, Tiger is not really there and the fire is simulated with a few candles.

Just watch the Instagram video and while you’re at it, check some of the Instagram commentary between Phil and other pros such as Rory McIlroy. 

Work on those calves while you’re at it, too. 

Phil, you’re a treasure.

Finally, here are a few shiny gold stars delivered to the hottest teams in baseball:

  • New York Yankees – Forty games above. 500 and a three game edge on Houston for the AL’s best record
  • St. Louis Cardinals – A recent hot streak has the Cards on top of the NL Central
  • New York Mets – Criticized for pre-deadline moves, the Mets are now two games back of the Wild Card
  • San Francisco Giants – Left for dead, the Giants have a winning record and a legit shot at the postseason

This has been Gold Stars, where the beers are cold and the baseballs are signed.

Image Credit: MiLB Twitter