Phil Mickelson is the Peyton Manning of the golf world.  He’s popular and likable.  He peppers us with wild and silly forms of entertainment, while holding down a consistently enjoyable social media and television presence.  Phil may have yet to clinch a career grand slam (and he may never), but he is certainly knocking it out of the park on other avenues.  Then there’s the Mom of Phil Mickelson, Mary.  The fact that she is willing to play along, well, we may know where Phil gets his personality from.

One of Phil Mickelson’s newer social media adventures is his regular segment on Instagram that he calls “Phireside with Phil”.  Each episode features a different guest and is an experience that shows the playful side of the five-time major winner.

It is similar to this Manning-like silly commercial that Phil did a while back for Mizzen+Main.

Thanksgiving by the “Phire”

An early edition of “Phireside with Phil” features Phil sitting by an actual fire – or should we say “phire” with his Mom, Mary.  Mary shares a Thanksgiving story from the ’80’s (Phil’s teenage years).

Die-hard golf fans may have seen it by now, as Phil posted it a handful of weeks ago.  But with Fall and football season steadily approaching, this Mickelson family Thanksgiving story is somewhat fitting.

Mary shares how she’s trying to cook a Thanksgiving feast for thirty people.  That alone is “Wife of the Week” worthy, considering I don’t think THE WIFE and I even know thirty people.

Phil is a 15 year-old kid that instead of pounding down food and watching football asks his Mom if he can get a ride to the course to play a round of golf.

She respectfully declines, for obvious reasons.  Phil proceeds to pay the kid next door to take him down to the golf course anyway.

Here is the nearly two minute Instagram video, in which Phil and his Mom share the whole story (Note: Embed code was not available for this particular post by Phil).

Philip Alfred!

Imagine raising a kid like Phil Mickelson.  How many times do you think his Mom had to yell, “PHILIP ALFRED MICKELSON!” at the top of her lungs?  It’s not like the rest of us are perfect, but I’m willing to guess that she did so a plethora of times.

As in, take the over.  I’m sure Phil would.  He is a betting man.

In the end, Mary feels she has an open door to punish Phil for bolting for the course and not telling anyone he left on Thanksgiving.  Phil then counters with this gem:

“Mom, every day I don’t practice is another day ’til I’m great”.

She appreciates his response, doesn’t overreact and clearly supports his goals and dreams.  That’s all you can really ask of a parent.

The moral of the story, via Phil, which is quite amusing and something I could see myself saying:

“You see kids, playing on a parent’s worst fear of holding you back is the greatest way to get what you want… and parents, if you’re listening, don’t fall for it”.

This is one reason why Mary, the Mom of Phil Mickelson, is our latest Wife of the Week at The Wife Hates Sports.  She clearly is a supportive and fun-loving parent.  We should all strive to be that way with our kids.  Support their dreams and do the best we can to allow for them to achieve them.  It isn’t always easy and financial challenges can get in the way, but there are ways around that.  Creativity is key.

Phil’s Backyard

For example, with the Mickelson family, they built up a golf green in the backyard where the family could practice.  Phil would stand across from his Dad and mimic his swing, and that’s how he became a lefty.  The entire story is outlined during an episode of Feherty.

I personally have considered making a flagstick and putting it in the ground in my backyard, for my son and I to practice.  It won’t be a perfect green or anything like that, but a cheap makeshift way for us to focus on the game and have fun together.  That is what matters most.

Have fun and be creative.  Be silly.  Like the way Phil Mickelson dances and shares his social media experiences with the world.  Speaking of which, if we could only get another video where Mary shares where Phil got those dance moves from.

Congrats to Mary, the Mom of Phil Mickelson, our WIFE of the WEEK.  I’m sure she’s honored.  Wouldn’t you be?!

Note: If you are entertained by Phil Mickelson or are an avid golfer, I would recommend following him via his Instagram account.  He posts videos like what was featured above (some with other PGA players).  He also posts entertaining videos tied to golf advice and “hitting bombs” (a.k.a. long drives).