This week’s lines are a bit tricky, at least in my eyes, but alas, my NFL Week 3 Picks must be made as time is clearly winding down.

For Week 2, I peppered you with creativity and quotes from the WIFE hatin’ classic Dumb and Dumber, and how do I follow that?

The answer: With plain vanilla football picks.

Insert sad trombone sound byte here.  

Why?  Because despite two solid weeks and a first place standing in the TWHS-SportsChump pick ’em contest, I’m feeling a bit clueless – and that would translate to a Alicia Silverstone heavy post chock full of “as if” and “shame spiral” quotes, which no one on this planet should be subjected to.

OK, fine, I snuck one in – don’t @ me.


Let’s move on, shall we? 

Here are my TOP FIVE picks of the week (with my NFL Week 3 WINNERS against the spread in RED):

KP’s Not-So-Clueless Picks for NFL Week 3

FIVE – New England Patriots at Detroit Lions (+6.5)

It’s another one of those Belichick vs. a former assistant games, where we mostly wonder how icy cold the handshake could be by the end of it.  I honestly don’t know much about the relationship between New England’s head man and Matt Patricia, as I’m not the Mr. Lonelyhearts of the NFL.  What I DO know is Tom Brady never gets embarrassed two weeks in a row and he openly stated that last week’s loss to the Jags was “definitely not our best effort”.  Detroit doesn’t have the defensive firepower that Jacksonville has.  It’ll also be interesting to see how much the Patriots use their new toy, Josh Gordon, too.  One catch, ten catches…either way, give me the Pats to cover on the road in a big way.

FOUR – Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (+3)

After a stellar Week 1 on the road in Arizona, the Redskins looked terrible at home against the Colts.  That raises a lot of questions in D.C. as to how good (or bad) this team really is.  Enter Aaron Rodgers, who is hobbled by a sprained MCL, but with the way the ‘Skins played last week, Rodgers could be crawling on his hands and knees for the entire game, and I’d still pick Green Bay.  Give me the Pack to cover on the road.

THREE – Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings (-16.5)

Full disclosure: I hate NFL lines that are this out of control.  I avoid them at all cost.  With that said, have you seen the Bills play yet?  If not, then you’re a smarter person than I am.  The Vikings are also a legit Super Bowl contender and one – make that two – missed kicks from stunning the Packers in OT last week.  Toss in rookie Josh Allen on the road in a hostile environment against a very solid defense and well… this one could get ugly quick.  I’ll take Kirk Cousins and the Vikes to cover at home.

TWO – Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams (-7)

There really isn’t a huge home field advantage here.  Then again, maybe there is, considering few appear to appreciate the Chargers.  The Rams, meanwhile, are loaded, but a bit untested to this point, facing the Raiders and Cardinals in the first two weeks.  I’m a bit iffy on this line as my gut definitely thinks it could land at the touchdown mark.  Then again, as I said, I’m not crazy about a lot of the Week 3 lines and I like the talent that the Chargers have on both sides of the ball.  My gut says this one is competitive throughout and comes down to a fourth quarter field goal.

ONE – Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens (-5)

Case Keenum is a mixed bag, a guy that could throw for 300 yards, with 150 going to the other team.  He’s also known to deliver a gold star performance.  Expect the former, considering the road test against a very solid pass defense.  The Ravens don’t exactly light it up offensively either, so I’m expecting a low scoring, close contest.  Give me Denver and the points.


2018 NFL Season to Date (ATS):

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Happy football – and as always, thanks for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!