Wives of the world unite!

That goes double for all the ladies from New England, because you too can own your piece of Deflategate history and wear it… on…. your….. CROTCH?

If interested, the online art community Redbubble has Tom Brady courtroom sketch skirts available for sale.


The famous (and hideous) Deflategate courtoom sketch of Tom Brady

This is NO joke, although after thumbing through Twitter this morning, this little nugget of information came off as more of a humorous Geico commercial, as opposed to actual reality.

To quote Seinfeld, “they’re real and they’re spectacular”.

Stephen Brown (@PPVSRB) – a Manhattan Federal Court reporter for the New York Daily News – appears to have been the first person to find this hidden internet gem.

There you go – as clear as day – the ability to wear the ugliest image of Tom Brady on your crotch, or planted right on your backside.

So if THE WIFE has always had a fertile attraction for Mr. Brady, perhaps she’ll love flaunting this tight little number the next time she goes clubbin’ with the ladies.

Either that or it’ll make a great gag gift, especially for those Pats fans that had to endure a few months of suspension-filled, Tebow-volumed misery.

Better yet, maybe someone should just ship one to Roger Goodell’s wife.

Ouch, that one was below the belt, much like Brady’s face would be – and… I’m… SPENT.