THE WIFE may need to search for her wine glass, because KP has another sports friend to play with.

Recently, my ongoing membership with the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) aided in bringing a new connection into my life.

Jake Wimberly, also a member of the FWAA, reached out in hopes to talk a little bit more about The Wife Hates Sports, and just how I stumbled upon this little idea.

I’ll give you a hint: an apple didn’t fall out of a tree and hit me on the head.

No, THE WIFE didn’t smack me either.  This ain’t Ray Rice’s household, kids.

OK, that was way below the belt and now you’re making me go off topic.

Yeah, YOU.

Wimberly is the host of Bulldog Sports Radio, a writer at Maroon and White Nation and one heckuva model American.


If you like the Mississippi State Bulldogs, check out Jake Wimberly and Bulldog Sports Radio

Well, from what I know of him, that appears to be true.

If not, two out of three ain’t bad.

So, yes, he’s an SEC sports guy and a big-time football fan.  Therefore, it may come as quite a shock that we didn’t tackle the subject of college football just yet.

TWHS Joins Bulldog Sports Radio

I recently made an appearance on Bulldog Sports Radio and we talked about The Wife Hates Sports, touching on life with a wife that could care less about all of our fancy little sports desires.  I dove into The Wifetionary and where some of those terms came from.

Note: Link (sadly) no longer available, via Bulldog Sports Radio

Overall, it was an enjoyable chat and I wanted to share it with you, the readers of TWHS.  That and I wanted to bring Jake and his work to the forefront, in hopes that you will check him out.

On top of that, Bulldog Sports Radio is a part of the vsporto network, which as stated via its Twitter account, connects “true sports fans with unlimited quality audio content on their favorite teams”.Print

The internet never lies, so it has to be true.

In Jake’s case, I know it to be true.

If for some strange reason you don’t feel like asking Jake if likes long walks on the beach or would prefer not to dabble in Mississippi State sports, perhaps vsporto has a feed for your favorite team.

I know that Penn State – my alma materhas one.

Oh and one more thing, Jake and I are in discussions to expand this relationship and hopefully bring THE WIFE in for some college football picks during the upcoming season.

If it works out, this promises to get interesting, but only as long as it doesn’t cost me numerous additional stretches of dish duty.

Cheers and hope you take a moment to check out the show!

Best Regards,



Track down Jake Wimberly via his Twitter account, through Bulldog Sports Radio, or at Maroon and White Nation (FanSided)