If you love hockey and do not discriminate against specific teams such as the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks, then it’s a good bet that you’ve already seen this video.  With a love for hockey, then it’s also a good bet that you know who Patrick Kane is, too.

What video am I referring to though?  Specifically, I’m talking about the Patrick Kane stickhandling video.  To date, it has landed more than 2 million views on YouTube and made the rounds on the majority of the mainstream sports websites.


If you haven’t seen the Patrick Kane stickhandling video, you should check it out

Somehow, it took a co-worker to point it out to me days later, though by the volume of posts that have been landing at TWHS, it’s clear that I’ve been living in a bubble lately.

If you haven’t seen it, then take a peek (below).  I list it as a must view.  Oh, and it’s a mere 90 seconds long, yet packs a punch much larger than that.

If you were to put that many pucks on the ice for me, I wouldn’t be able to skate around them, let alone practice a number of various stickhandling moves at the same time.

Heck, put a pair of skates on me, and I will be on my ass in a matter of minutes.

It’s no wonder that Patrick Kane is one of the premier players in the National Hockey League.

Oh, and if you liked that video, then you should check out this post.   It features Chicago teammate Brandon Bollig, who at first, attempts to match Kane’s performance.  Later, he simply makes a mockery of it.

Happy hockey season!