Searching for any last minute Halloween costume ideas?  Many people are – and perhaps that includes some of the sports stars of the world, too.  Lazy Halloween costumes are the best kind of costumes, right?

But “last minute” is a bit of an understatement, so for a costume to work out, it’ll need to require minimal effort.

No worries – each of these sports stars can put together a LAZY HALLOWEEN COSTUME in no time.  It’s simple, just dress up as their LOOK-A-LIKE in the sports and entertainment world.

It’s become a bit of a tradition to piece together this list every year – and the 2009 edition included the likes of Bill Belichick, Brad Childress, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Stan Van Gundy and more.

This year’s edition focuses on Buck Showalter, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams and more.  But enough chit-chat, right?  Let’s just shift gears and get to the list of look-a-likes.

Once again, it’s….

Lazy Halloween Costumes for Sports Stars: 2010 Edition

Anderson Varejao (Cleveland Cavaliers) as Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)


Serena Williams (Tennis Star) as Queen Latifah (Actress-Musician)


Mark Sanchez (Quarterback, New York Jets) as Mark Consuelos (Actor and Husband of Kelly Ripa)


Louis Oosthuizen (PGA Golfer) as Gomez Addams (Late Actor John Astin)


Kevin Durant (Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder) as Jamie Foxx (Actor – Musician)


Jimmy Clausen (Quarterback, Carolina Panthers) as Sid the Sloth (The Ice Age Movies)


C.C. Sabathia (Starting Pitcher, New York Yankees) as Forest Whitaker (Actor)


Buck Showalter (Manager, Baltimore Orioles) as Archie Bunker (Late Actor Carroll O’Connor)


Brian Wilson (Closer, San Francisco Giants) as Billy Mays (“The Late Great Pitchman”)


Wayne Rooney (Soccer Star – England) as Scott Skiles (NBA Coach, Milwaukee Bucks)


Well, what did you think?  Are there any that you can come up with?  What about entertainment and sports stars that people say that you look like?  Do any come to mind?

If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to check out the LAZY 2009 edition!


*Brian Wilson photo via AP