For those of you unaware, The Wife Hates Sports is building its own custom dictionary of terms simply known as the “Wifetionary”.   It is built to help describe life in sports with the WIFE… specifically one that’s not a big fan of sports.  This edition outlines the terms “Gorgonzola” and “The Onion Peeler”.

This is an ongoing dictionary of terms that can be found here, or via the site’s main menu.

As mentioned on the page, I encourage you to pitch in and create your own terminology.  If your term is acceptable by management (a.k.a. me), then it will be added to “The Wifetionary” with a credit. 

Give credit where credit is due, right?

So, check out the custom dictionary at The Wife Hates Sports and see if you can relate to any of the terms.  We would love to hear if you share in similar experiences!

Also, this is a notification that recently, two NEW terms have been added, titled “Gorgonzola” and “The Onion Peeler”.  To find out what these terms mean, feel free to visit our site dictionary.

But before you do, I’ll give you a few hints. 

One of the terms involves Gonzaga basketball (yes, that’s Gorgonzola).  Basically, THE WIFE could never remember the name of the school that consistently performs well into March.

That term has stuck for years and continues to stick.

The other involves “ball busting” of some kind.  Yeah, it’s when THE WIFE busts your onions when you’re watching your free favorite team play.  Here’s a mini shoutout to Bill Raftery for his “Onions!” call during big-time March Madness tournament games.  

Yeah, I think you may know where I’m going with them.  Visit the Wifetionary for these and more.


Thanks as always for reading The Wife Hates Sports!