The Jim Mora Bowl is born.

Forget Archie Manning – former New Orleans quarterback, father of opposing team QB and future hall of famer Peyton – c’mon people, that story has no legs.

We as fans want to see some spice – some pizzazz.  Give us a dash of Rex Ryan and a little peppering of Bill Cowher’s fire.

We want a little bit of Herm Edwards – “you play to win the game – hello?” and a helping Dennis Green – “the Bears are who we thought they were!”

We want a slice of Mike Gundy – “I’m a man! I’m 40!”

On second thought, nevermind all that!  There’s an even better fit for who we should want to appear as a guest star to this weekend’s Super Bowl extravaganza.

THE perfect fit, in fact… and that’s the real connection between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts – none other than Jim Mora – the former head coach of each team.

Yes, the same Jim Mora who became more famous for his press conferences than his team’s performance on the field.

The same Jim Mora that said this (below) when with the Saints…

The same Jim Mora who became famous for this rant (below) during his tenure in Indianapolis…

Sure, Coach Mora did manage 125 victories during his NFL head coaching career, including six double-digit winning seasons (four with New Orleans), six playoff berths and two division titles (one with each team).

In the end, Mora struggled in the playoffs – going 0-6 for his career – but let’s not focus on the negatives here, people.

I still want to see Jim Mora tossing out color commentary.

I want to see Jim Mora during the all-day pre-game show.

Hell, I want to see Jim Mora selling pretzels in the stadium.  Quite frankly, I don’t care what he does – I just want Coach Mora to be there.jim-mora-playoffs-playoffs-rant-colts

Call this a petition for a last-minute appearance by the man, the myth, the legend… Jim Mora.  Because plain and simple, this year’s playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!) have been way too boring without him.

But who knows, maybe this is already in the works – and I flat out missed the media train to Miami this week.

Either way – from now on – in these eyes, Super Bowl XLIV shall be known as ‘The Jim Mora Bowl’.

Sorry, friends – you can’t stop me… in fact, you can’t do “diddly poo.”


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