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The FOXTROT: April 7, 2009

Griffin Chooses the NBA

Honestly, should we really call this news? Personally, I would see it as news if Blake Griffin did NOT choose to enter the NBA draft. We all knew this was coming, and let’s drop the Rubio talk, this kid should go #1… and WILL go #1.

Boo Hoo Tex, Boo Hoo New York

It’s one game Yankees fans, calm down. Yes, the Orioles knocked out the Yanks on Opening Day, but the story shouldn’t be the poor start by CC Sabathia. It’s instead about Teixeira being booed all game. To the critics who say the O’s fans were classless… first you blame Baltimore for allowing New York and Boston fans to take over Camden Yards. Now, you blame them for booing a hometown kid who was quoted on numerous past occasions to be interested in signing with the O’s, only to shun them for a hated rival? Leave the O’s fans alone prognosticators. There were no Barry Bonds needles or any objects thrown. This was a vocal point that got across the plate at 96mph, and that’s that.

L.A.’s Bynum Puts the Man in Mansion

Reports out of Los Angeles say that Andrew Bynum could return to the Lakers later this week, adding more depth to the Western Conference’s top seeded team. Wow, I guess that rehab at the Playboy Mansion really paid off, didn’t it?

No More Football for Elway?

Reports out of Tempe state that Jack Elway (yes, John’s son) has decided to leave the football program at Arizona State. Yes, leave football… and NO, not to play somewhere else. He’s staying at ASU. Hey, I’m all for a young man making his own decisions on where he wants to go and what he wants to do in life, but seriously, can we run a paternal test on this kid?  C’mon now, the next thing you’re going to tell me is that one of Jordan’s kids is going to play hoops at Central Florida.

Agent-less Meeks Flirts with NBA

Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks has decided to declare for the NBA draft, but has not hired an agent, which means he could still return to the Wildcats – and plain and simple, he should return. With Calipari on board, some new talented recruits, and maybe even Patrick Patterson coming back, it would be wise for Meeks to stick around and see if UK can generate some new NCAA magic, plus gain some more experience.

Miller Time in Arizona, Or Not, No Wait…

Former Xavier coach Sean Miller accepted the head coaching position at Arizona, one day after turning down the original offer. It’s a great opportunity for Miller, who will take over the historical Wildcats program. My only advice for him is to maybe avoid any future career talks with Billy Donovan. I kid because I care, my friends.

Manu Unhappy Returns for San Antonio

Manu Ginobili is out for the rest of the season – including the playoffs. And with that, should also go San Antonio’s season. Sorry to say, but I don’t see the Spurs getting it done without him. In fact, a lower seed like New Orleans, Utah, or Dallas could easily knock the Spurs out in the first round. The West is just too talented for a team to have a key piece missing.

Player’s Last Masters

The Masters is just around the corner and the talk of the town is Tiger, as always. There’s little mention of Phil, and little mention of Paddy Harrington, who has won back-to-back majors. And even more sad, is that there’s little talk about Gary Player, another golf legend who will be playing in his final Masters. It’s been a great career Mr. Player, and a pleasure to see you play for all these years.

This dance has ended.  Speaking of dances, congrats to North Carolina, this year’s National Champions of March Madness.

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