Popular game. Annoying game. It’s a game where you are forced to provide all the answers. Yes, my friends, it’s 20 questions… only this time, the answer is “The NFL Draft”.

And here are the questions that should lead up to this weekend’s answer…

20 Questions – NFL Draft Style

1 – Who will the Lions take with the number one pick?

All signs are pointing in the direction of Matthew Stafford, but this draft is likely going to surprise, and that shock could spark at the very top in Detroit.

2 – Which quarterback will be better in the NFL, Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez?

Or better yet, maybe Josh Freeman, or a diamond in the rough near the draft’s final rounds…

3 – What will the New York Jets do about their quarterback situation?

Will a Sanchez or Stafford fall, or will the Jets trade up, or avoid a QB entirely in the early going?

4 – Will the Denver Broncos add a quarterback, or stick with Kyle Orton and Chris Simms?

If I’m the Broncos, I stick with these two for now.  Instead, Denver should focus on improving the team’s defense, which struggled last year.

5 – Will Braylon Edwards get traded to the Giants?

It’s been a popular rumor, where Edwards could get dealt to the Giants to replace Plaxico Burress. The real question is, can Edwards cure that case of the “dropsies”?

6 – Will the Redskins make a move to draft Mark Sanchez, and if so, what happens with Jason Campbell in DC?

One thing is for certain… Campbell has handled the trade rumors a lot better than Jay Cutler did.

7 – Will the Eagles gun for a playmaker to make McNabb happy, a.k.a. a deal for Anquan Boldin?

Boldin is on the market and a lot of teams are interested in him, for good reason. If I’m the Eagles, I go for it, giving Donovan that weapon he’s needed since “you know who” left.

8 – What will the negative news surrounding B.J. Raji and Andre Smith do for each player’s draft stock?

There was a rumor on Raji failing a drug test, which has been mentioned as being false. Then there’s Smith, whose story started while reporting to the Combine out of shape, and not working out at it. How will each story affect each player’s draft stock?

9 – How much will Michael Crabtree’s injury affect where he is selected in the draft?

Some have compared him to Andre Johnson of the Texans. Either way, Crabtree is a “can’t miss” talent, and I still expect him to get taken in the top five.

10 – Will all three of USC’s starting linebackers from last year be selected in the first round?

It’s unheard of to see an entire unit get taken in the first round of the draft, but it could happen with last year’s USC starting linebacker trio of Rey Maualuga, Clay Matthews, and Brian Cushing.

11 – When drafted, where will Brian Orakpo and Aaron Maybin play, defensive end or outside linebacker?

Orakpo is freakishly strong while Maybin is considered super quick but slightly undersized, but the question remains, which system will each fall into and how will they perform once there?

12 – How soon will the slasher types like Penn State’s Derrick Williams and West Virginia’s Pat White go, and how will each fit with his respective team?

Both are former quarterbacks (Williams in high school) that can run, throw, return kicks… whatever is needed. Perhaps one would fit well in a wildcat-like system.

13 – Will draft prospect Demetrius Byrd be OK after being in a serious auto accident?

The former LSU receiver was considered one of the top twenty receivers on the draft board, and hopefully the young man will make a full recovery. Get well soon Demetrius.

14 – Which running back will go first, Knowshon Moreno or Chris Wells?

One mock draft has “Beanie” Wells going to the Saints. Can you imagine a duo of Wells and Bush in the New Orleans backfield? Nasty… that is, if each were able to stay healthy.

15 – What kind of impact will the second tier of running backs have?

There are only a few projected first rounders, but what about some of the second tier players such as Donald Brown (Connecticut) and Shonn Greene (Iowa)? Each could have very productive NFL careers.

16 – Is Wake’s Aaron Curry really the safest bet in this draft?

This draft seems as up in the air as any in recent memory, but the common thought is that Curry is the draft’s safest bet. The question remains, will he be when we look back on this draft ten years from now?

17 – Who will be the biggest steal of this year’s NFL Draft?

There’s one every year, and the biggest steal in my mind from last year was Washington safety Chris Horton, who was selected in the seventh round (249th pick), and had 76 tackles his rookie season.

18 – How many wide receivers will be selected in the first round?

This year’s receiver group is chock full of talent, while last year, not one WR was taken in the first round. Crabtree is the unanimous top gun, but who else will go in the first? A few likely options include Jeremy Maclin, Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt, and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

19 – What surprise deals will come from out of nowhere on draft day?

It happens every year. Trades from out of nowhere. Trading up, trading down, trading for veterans. There’s always one shocker, do you have an off-the-wall prediction for one?

And finally…

20 – What off-color occurrence will we be presented with during the draft?

C’mon you know the drill. That one player sporting the extra vibrant duds, or maybe another situation like the Vikings, who six years ago missed making their pick because time expired. What will we see this year, if anything?


Don’t question it, the answer is the NFL Draft – and it’s the taste of football we crave while waiting for another season to get started…

Originally posted to KP’s Blog (via Fox Sports) on April 20, 2009

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