If I had a dollar for every time a person asked me why THE WIFE hates sports, well… I’d probably have about 18 bucks or so – but to those that are seeking the answers to that question, here is a running list, which will be updated throughout the duration of the site.

In addition, I ENCOURAGE THE WIFE that HATES SPORTS to contact TWHS and chime in with additional reasons.  If I add your comment to the site, it will be given with a credit.

NOTE: The opinions below are that of THE WIFE and only the wife, that is… unless others get in line to support her reasons. – KP

Why THE WIFE Hates Sports

  1. The Time Warp Effect: 2 minutes really means 2 HOURS. Don’t say, “There’s only 30 seconds left on the clock, I’ll be right there, honey” – AS IF.
  2. The Jeckyl & Hyde Effect: Reminder to hubby/boyfriend/partner – you have ZERO control over this game.  Meaning: Please stop getting so angry that when a player makes a mistake, a bad call is made, or your team loses.  Throwing objects, ranting, or expletives will not alter any of the aforementioned events.
  3. The inflated egos – Enough said.
  4. The ridiculous salaries – Our children’s educators earn fractions of pennies compared to the outrageous sums of money thrown at professional sports players – do they really deserve it?  Please do consider that some also seem to have the IQ of a grapefruit.  Insert any random interview of a football player at a press conference after the game.
  5. The takeover of my weekend – How about we cap it at 1 game per 4-day period?  Not 8 games within 48 hours!
  6. Baseball deserves it’s own honorable mention – can a game be any more boring?  We stand around and pick our noses, chew our gum.  Every now and then someone may hit a ball with a stick.  Oops, didn’t hit enough balls, time to switch sides!  Really?  Painful.
  7. While we’re at it – let’s pick on basketball too.  Whether it’s 2 halves or 4 quarters, all you really need are the last 2 minutes of the game to determine the winner.  Then I’ll have my weekend back.
  8. The Fans: OK, not all of the fans, but some team roadies are just downright rude, obnoxious and big fat bullies.  I shouldn’t fear for my life while wearing the opposing team’s gear.  Aren’t we all just supposed to be one big happy family of sports fanatics?
  9. Explain this to me – if you truly love the sport but your team doesn’t make the cut, why are we not still watching other teams play the same sport?
  10. Back to the fans, as I’m clearly on a roll.  Why must we jump bandwagons to follow/support only those teams that seem to be winning all the time?  For this, I give the hubby a tremendous amount of credit.  I mean, come on – the Orioles and Redskins?

Disclaimer: My hatred clearly stems from mainly professional sports.  I very much understand the value of sportsmanship and teamwork, and plan to encourage my own children to play sports. – THE WIFE