They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and the saying itself should not be discounted as a common phrase that people with retlationship troubles just toss around like jail sentences get tossed at Lindsay Lohan.  There’s actually scientific proof that it is in fact true.

That, plus a movie was made with the exact title, so it has to be true, right?

Here at The Wife Hates Sports, I’ve always said that there’s a thin line between LOVE and HATE in sports, specifically between the men who love sports and THE WIFE that hates sports.  Forever, she has to suffer through the life of a die-hard fan.


Tie in THE WIFE that loves sports, but also loves entertainment, and we have quite the conundrum upon us.

That’s why I frequently get asked questions such as, “Does THE WIFE really hate sports?” or “Why exactly does THE WIFE hate sports?”

Finally, those answers can come to the forefront, to ride the thin line with the WHY WIFE HATES and WHY MAN LOVES sections of TWHS.

I encourage anyone out there to share your stories – why you HATE sports, why you LOVE sports, and we will give you credit for your commentary.

Let’s try and close the gap, create a balance and maybe – just maybe – if we’re lucky, we can get a couple of wives out there to turn to the good side – the sports side.