Sports fans, unite!  The majority of us out there LOVE sports, and live and die by the performance of our favorite teams.  Give us a comfortable chair, a couple of buddies, our favorite team and a six-pack of beer, and we are clearly in heaven.

Some wives get it and join in, while others do not.  But for those of us that truly LOVE and embrace the world of sports, there are so many reasons why.

So.  Many.  Reasons.  

Too many to list or remember on the fly.  Let’s try to build a list.

In particular, KP chimes in with his ongoing list of reasons to LOVE sports, some general and some specific.  I ENCOURAGE the MEN and WOMEN that LOVE SPORTS to chime in with reasons and stories of their own.  

If I add your comment to the site, it will be given with a credit.

WHY MEN (and some women) LOVE SPORTS

  1. GAME 7
  2. Buzzer beaters
  3. Gus Johnson
  4. Rivalries
    1. Redskins – Cowboys 
    2. Yankees – Red Sox
    3. Cubs – Cardinals
    4. Ohio State – Michigan
    5. Penn State – Pitt (though us younger folk prefer rivals Ohio State and Michigan)
    6. USC – UCLA
  5. The LaVar Leap (yes, I’m a Penn State grad – look it up if you have never seen it)
  6. March Madness
    1. Brackets 
    2. Opening Weekend
    3. Bubble Teams
    4. Sweet Sixteen
    5. Final Four
    6. Cinderella teams
  7. Playoff atmospheres
  8. Augusta National
    1. Amen Corner
    2. Green Jacket
    3. Final Round drama
    4. The Back Nine on Sunday
  9. Championship trophies
    1. Stanley Cup
    2. Vince Lombardi Trophy
    3. Claret Jug
    4. Heisman Trophy
  10. Opening Day
  11. Trade deadline rumors
  12. Draft steals
  13. Mr. Irrelevant
  14. Ryder Cup
  15. World Cup
  16. Fight songs
  17. Fantasy Sports (especially Fantasy Football)
  18. Daily Fantasy Sports
  19. The Triple Crown
  20. The BCS (just kidding)
  21. The College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy
  22. Two-minute drills
  23. Gold medals
  24. Playoff hockey
  25. Packed stadiums

More reasons coming very soon… and perhaps an expansion into some separate stories…