While THE WIFE sighs at the thought of football taking over the TV for the majority of weekends to come, sports lovers rejoice at the triumphant return of the NFL.  Well, that’s as long as the ongoing pandemic will allow it.  The other major sports are still kickin’, so we shall see.  So let’s celebrate football’s return with some healthy debate and a Vegas twist.  As I have done in the past, my 2020 NFL Season Predictions will focus on the NFL Over/Under win totals for the upcoming season.

The SportsChumpa longtime friend and new member of the “Tompa Bay” Fan Club – is back with his 10th Annual Over/Under Contest, challenging his readers to predict the upcoming regular season win totals of NFL teams, specifically extracting a top ten and assigning confidence points to each.

Yours truly won the contest last year and became its first ever two-time winner.

Before making some pigskin prognostication, let’s first provide the full list of NFL Over/Under win total lines, per Vegas.  Feel free to comment with your favorite 2020 NFL Season Predictions or head on over to the Chump’s site via the link above and make some picks of your own.

Team – 2020 O/U

  • Kansas City Chiefs – 11.5
  • Baltimore Ravens – 11.5
  • San Francisco 49ers – 10.5
  • New Orleans Saints – 10
  • Dallas Cowboys – 10
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 9.5
  • New England Patriots – 9.5
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 9.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 9.5
  • Buffalo Bills – 9
  • Green Bay Packers – 9
  • Seattle Seahawks – 9
  • Indianapolis Colts – 9
  • Minnesota Vikings – 9
  • Tennessee Titans – 8.5
  • Cleveland Browns – 8
  • Los Angeles Rams – 8
  • Chicago Bears – 8
  • Denver Broncos – 8
  • Los Angeles Chargers – 7.5
  • Atlanta Falcons – 7.5
  • Houston Texans – 7.5
  • Arizona Cardinals – 7.5
  • Las Vegas Raiders – 7.5
  • New York Jets – 7
  • Detroit Lions – 6.5
  • New York Giants – 6.5
  • Miami Dolphins – 6
  • Carolina Panthers – 5.5
  • Cincinnati Bengals – 5.5
  • Washington Football Team – 5
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 4.5

In order by confidence, here is my top ten:

2020 NFL Season Predictions: Team Over/Under Win Total Best Bets

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – (4.5 wins – UNDER)

“Tank for Trevor” is a thing – well, at least on social media it is.  The Jags are rebuilding – and they should be.  With that will come a lot of growing pains.  There is some young talent on this roster, but not enough to compete in a division that also features the Titans, Colts and Texans.  Gardner Minshew II has the look and the personality – and heck, he could also land you a case of Bud Light if you were silly enough to take him in the first round of your Fantasy Football draft.  That’s all though.  Too many big names were shipped away on both sides of the ball.  This team lacks depth.  After a long year, the Jags will be rewarded with the first pick.

KP’s Prediction: 2-14 and the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

9. Green Bay Packers – (9 wins – OVER)

People seem to forget that this team won 13 games last season.  I can only guess that’s because Green Bay made more headlines by selecting QB Jordan Love in the first round, as opposed to one of the many talented wide receivers available.  That led to comments from Aaron Rodgers and his future in Green Bay.  Despite that, the Packers have young receivers that will continue to gain experience.  Aaron Jones is still the lead back and rookie AJ Dillon is available in case Jones gets hurt.  The defense – which was much improved last year – still features a ton of talent, including Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith and Kenny Clark.  If this team remains relatively healthy, another division title is well within reach.

KP’s Prediction: 11-5 and another division title

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8. Indianapolis Colts – (9 wins – OVER)

The Colts, Titans and Texans tend to duke it out each year, which is a slight concern.  Philip Rivers had a down year last year and is 38 years-old.  For me though, this is new beginnings and playing for Frank Reich, a former QB.  Rivers knows he’s running out of time in his career.  Now he will play behind one of the best O-lines in the league.  There’s good depth at the RB position and new additions in the receiving game.  On the other side of the ball, the Colts added DeForest Buckner and Xavier Rhodes.  This is a strong and well-balanced team.

KP’s Prediction: 10-6 and another shot at the playoffs for Rivers

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (9.5 wins – OVER)

I’m not riding the Bucs to the Super Bowl like a lot of people are.  However, you can’t ignore the talent on this roster.  Tampa Bay is absolutely loaded.  I’m interested to see how Tom Brady performs in a completely different system.  Staying healthy may be the bigger thing in this case.  Brady is aging, Fournette is injury prone, as is Gronk and a number of others.  The division is loaded with talent, too.  Still, as I said already, this team is loaded and it’s hard to pick against them – especially if taking the over only requires ten victories.  That seems quite manageable.

KP’s Prediction: 11-5, but no Super Bowl home team (again)

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6. New Orleans Saints – (10 wins – OVER)

Drew Brees returns and despite some rocky moments in the offseason, he’s ready to make another run at the playoffs.  Emmanuel Sanders joins Michael Thomas in the receiving game, which means the rich get richer.  Jameis Winston is even available at the QB position in case Brees gets hurt.  He may throw a lot of picks, but he can still sling it.  The Saints are still loaded on the defensive side of the ball, with Cameron Jordan, Marcus Davenport, Demario Davis and Marshon Lattimore among the talented names included in that group.  New Orleans has been knocking on the door for the last few years, so is another Super Bowl appearance finally within reach?

KP’s Prediction: 12-4 and a deep playoff run

5. New England Patriots – (9.5 wins – OVER)

I won’t go as far as to call Tom Brady a “system quarterback”, because that’s a bit crazy.  Still, I think some people underestimate Bill Belichick.  With the Patriots (under Belichick), it has always been the next man up.  “Do your job” or someone else will.  Yes, New England had a number of players opt out due to the pandemic, but it’s hard to imagine others not stepping up considering the team’s history.  Cam Newton steps in for Brady and for starters, he’s healthy.  Because of all the injuries, we forget that Newton is only 31 years-old.  Players come to New England and almost always get better.  I expect a big bounce back season from Newton.  The AFC East can still be had, so let’s not instantly think that because Brady is gone, the dynasty is over with.

KP’s Prediction: 10-6 and another trip to the playoffs

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4. Pittsburgh Steelers – (9.5 wins – OVER)

The key to the Steelers season will be the health of Ben Roethlisberger.  Following surgery, Big Ben is arguably the healthiest he’s been in a while.  Consider the injuries on this Pittsburgh team last year, too.  There were a lot and it still ended with an 8-8 season.  The defense led the league in sacks and posted more than 50 for the third straight year.  That group will cause headaches for opposing QB’s.  Keep Ben and the receivers on the field for the majority of the season and ten wins is within reach.

KP’s Prediction: 10-6 and a top ten season in Fantasy for Big Ben

3. Washington Football Team – (5 wins – OVER)

Last year in this slot, I made what I called my wild card selection (not playoff Wild Card).  That was the Buffalo Bills, which most people were not in on.  It panned out.  This year, it’s the Washington Football Team.  While I’m not expecting playoffs, this team will be much improved.  Many have Washington landing the second or third pick in next year’s draft and I think that’s a bit high.  Dwayne Haskins showed up motivated and in great shape.  Antonio Gibson is basically “CMC Light”.  The already strong defensive front seven added Chase Young in the draft.  The biggest difference maker though is coaching and culture.  Ron Rivera, Jack Del Rio and Scott Turner will get a lot more out of these players than the previous coaching staff did.  This team is moving in the right direction.

KP’s Prediction: 6-10 and some hope for the future

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2. Houston Texans – (7.5 wins – OVER)

Like the Packers, this number is a surprise.  As with Green Bay, I think it’s due to negative press.  Bill O’Brien wheels and deals.  He’s not afraid to make an aggressive move.  DeAndre Hopkins leaves and yes, that’s a monstrous loss, but there are still talented receivers on this roster.  Brandin Cooks joins them, too.  David Johnson is a talented back.  He – like some of the WR’s – just can’t stay on the field.  The injuries are what have been derailing this team.  Still, with Deshaun Watson leading the offense and J.J. Watt leading the defense, I don’t see how you can not predict at least a .500 season.

KP’s Prediction: 9-7 and a big year for David Johnson

1. Los Angeles Chargers – (7.5 wins – UNDER)

Playing in a competitive division and already losing Derwin James to injury (again), the Chargers already have the cards stacked against them.  Yes, there is talent on this roster, but it always starts at the quarterback position.  Tyrod Taylor has proven that he can be a valuable backup in the NFL, but that has been it.  Rookie Justin Herbert is his backup.  Yes, Philip Rivers had a down season last year and it was right to move on, but I think people are undervaluing how much impact he had on this team.  I have a hard time seeing the Chargers in the playoffs this year.

KP’s Prediction: 7-9 and Justin Herbert in the starting lineup prior to the end of the year


Do you agree or disagree with my 2020 NFL Season Predictions?  Who ya got?  Sound off in the comments section below and as always, thank you for visiting and supporting The Wife Hates Sports!

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