Turkey Day is nearly here, so why not toss in an unconventional side to your holiday meal?  As in, Throwing Tomatoes.  Sure, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, but in the world of sports, there are numerous reasons to shake our heads in disgust.  Yes, we are looking at you, Dwayne Haskins.  We are also staring wide-eyed at you, Greg Schiano.

Before we move forward, let me quick give a rundown of the world that is Throwing Tomatoes.  The basic idea ties with the old days when a performer on stage would get pelted with tomatoes after an abysmal performance.  This idea became a thing during my days blogging in the Fox Sports community and this feature became a regular in the FOX Funhouse.

The community and the funhouse are no more, but the tomatoes live on.

Find a story in sports or entertainment that irks you… and throw a tomato.  It’s that simple.  You know what else is that simple?  Throwing tomatoes at these headlines in the world of sports:

Throwing Tomatoes: The Excessive Selfies and Private Jets Edition

Dwayne Haskins

…for not acting like he’s been there.

The Redskins have faced a ton of adversity this season – and well, over the last few decades since Daniel Snyder bought the team.  Rookie QB and former first round pick Dwayne Haskins has faced a hefty chunk of it, too.  He’s not used to losing and hates losing (as most of us do).

So, after the Redskins recently knocked off the Lions 19-16 – Washington’s second win of the season (and the rookie’s first as a starter)Haskins joyfully celebrated and involved the fans, including taking selfies with those in the front row.

Only, the game wasn’t over and when it was time to get into victory formation, Dwayne Haskins was nowhere to be found.  Interim HC Bill Callahan had to call on backup Case Keenum to head onto the field and seal the victory.

Act like you’ve been there, Dwayne! 

Even in victory, the Redskins find controversy and negative headlines.  Although, in this instance, it really isn’t all that bad.  There are some positives.  Interaction with the fans is a good thing, especially in D.C. where the fan base is disenchanted and no longer showing up to the stadium.

In the end, Dwayne Haskins will learn from this.  The real question will be if he can grow as a QB and become worthy of the first-round selection.  Right now, he’s simply not good enough, but neither is his supporting cast.  But that’s a story for another day.

Greg Schiano

…for lofty (and laughable) requests.

Rutgers football is a mess.  This is nothing new.  Critics are louder than ever asking why they are even a part of the Big Ten.  Rightfully so, the football program is looking to boost its status and quite honestly give it a swift kick in the pants.  Any big-name coach is likely to have high demands.

What about a former coach?

Greg Schiano – a former coach in Piscataway that had six winning seasons with the Scarlet Knights – has been through his share of controversy in recent years.  His situation is different. Schiano isn’t in a position where he can force-feed any school with outlandish demands.

Yet, he is.

Rutgers wanted him back, but Schiano’s demands were significant, including a private jet (24/7, not limited), $25 million guaranteed and a fairly hefty $4 million annual salary, too.

Nothing like cruising around the world in a fancy jet and a shiny 0-12 record.  While, that’s extreme, a 68-67 career record in the college ranks won’t land you those kind of perks.

Rutgers reportedly has moved on, so we won’t see Schiano scream “we’re back” any time soon.

Schiano – if he really wants to coach – should be happy to get another job in a power conference.  His former employer wanted to return to glory with him and he took advantage of that.  For now, he doesn’t deserve to be “Trading Places” with the current staff.

NFL MVP Prognosticators

…for talking about anyone else other than Lamar Jackson.

Russell Wilson is having a great year.  There’s no arguing that.  Many are holding onto him for the MVP award.  Others are pushing for Dalvin Cook, Jimmy G. and other contrarian picks.  I’m here to tell you that there is no argument here.  The MVP of the league this season is Lamar Jackson.

No disrespect to anyone else, but did you watch Jackson and the Ravens recently on Monday Night Football?  This was an absolute clinic against a team that represented the NFC in the Super Bowl last season.  The numbers speak for themselves: 30 total TD’s (24 pass, 6 rush) and more than 3,300 total yards through 11 games.  He hasn’t thrown an interception since October 6th and has 13 total touchdowns over his last three games against the Rams, Texans and Bengals. 

Not enough?  How about his performances against the Rams (15-20, 169 yards, 5 passing TD, 8 carries for 95 yards) and Patriots (17-23, 163 passing yards, 16 carries, 61 rushing yards and 3 total TD)?

The Baltimore Ravens are a well-oiled machine right now and the best team in the NFL.  Sure, the Patriots own the best record, but their one loss was against these Ravens – and it wasn’t close. 

Lamar Jackson is the clear leader in the clubhouse.  As the kids say, “don’t @ me”.

Cincinnati Bengals

…for not 100% buying into the future.

The Bengals are the lone winless team in the NFL.  The first pick is becoming closer to being a near lock.  For now, changes are likely Zac Taylor and his staff trying to avoid the ever-so-embarrassing winless season that the 2008 Lions and 2017 Browns know too much about.

It was recently announced that Cincinnati would go back to Andy Dalton as its starting quarterback and I can only ask the question… “WHY?”

What’s the point?  See what you have on your roster!  Play the young guys.  A.J. Green is still hurt and should have been traded weeks ago.  There is rampant speculation that Green was held back because he didn’t want to play without Dalton under center.

The Bengals are a mess, but it isn’t just on the field.  Get your “you-know-what” together, Cincinnati – you’re starting to make the Redskins look good. 

Worcester Red Sox

…for giving us Pac-Man… in stockings?

A Boston Red Sox minor league affiliate is moving to Worcester, MA.  Yeah, kid – that’s pronounced “WOO-STAH”!  What a “wicked pissah” for the town in Rhode Island where the team used to be.

Worse (for all), Worcester introduced the “Woo Sox” and its logo – and well… it leaves less to be desired.  A LOT LESS.

Hey, I didn’t know Pac-Man played baseball.  Wouldn’t he just gobble up all the balls and choke on the stitches?  Also, can we talk about “Woo Sox” for a second?  This sounds like is destined to become a disturbing tongue twister for those with a strong Boston accent.

I don’t think I’m alone with any of these opinions.

Maybe we just deliver the tomato and move on.

Yeah, let’s do that.  Pissah!


This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where the red fruit is not delivered via first class.

Image Credit: @jaimelverduzco