Tampa Bay News: Get ready for your next Twitter apology in 3…2…1…

Social media is a very powerful tool, and when used in an ill-advised manner, it can backfire on a person or organization rather quickly.

This has unfortunately become the norm, especially on Twitter, where we have seen numerous actors and athletes – heck, even an entire airline – have to apologize for one reason or another.

The recent culprit: a local news station in Tampa Bay, Florida, which decided it would poke fun at the city of Detroit, following an MLB Trade Deadline that saw its hometown Rays deal staff ace David Price to the Tigers.

Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot

Raymond the Rays mascot couldn’t have been happy about the David Price trade

Fox 13 Tampa Bay covered the story via its Twitter account all day, stating a clear opinion that was highlighted by the hashtag, “#keepdavid“.

Sure, fans of the recently red-hot Rays didn’t want to see Price get moved.

That’s obvious and totally understandable.

But following the Price headline, the local news station made a bad decision, deciding to trash the city of Detroit following the trade news.

The tweet has since been deleted, but hey, social media wouldn’t let it get away, so here’s a screenshot, courtesy of our friends over at Fancred:


What’s really scary is that this isn’t the first time drama has hit the organization in some way.  The Rays mascot was torched for holding a sign that poked fun at the late Steve Irwin.

Stay classy, Tampa Bay.  But seriously.  Yes, we announce that in our best Ron Burgundy voice.

Of course, that is what the Fox station would eventually do, albeit “a day late and a dollar short” – an ironic phrase considering the ongoing state of the organization and its inability to spend big on free agents.

It just might’ve been the quickest apology in the history of social media.

For those not-so-creative athletes that blame an account hacking, maybe you should take note.

Either that, or the folks in Tampa Bay should have been smarter in the first place.

Speaking of first place, don’t expect the Rays to be there any time soon.

Oh, and the best part of the entire story?

That was the playful return jab from My Fox Detroit, that praised hometown Comerica Park, while pointing out Tampa Bay’s minuscule crowd turnouts.

Well played, indeed, just like the move that brought David Price to Detroit.

Detroit now features a rotation that includes Price, Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello.  This is a major force in the American League.

So, let this be a lesson to you, Twitter:


On Twitter, 140 little characters can lead to a lot of damage.  If you’re not careful.