It’s an event that’s as American as apple pie, only, it instead involves gorging on hot dogs.  It’s the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, headlined by Joey Chestnut, the 7-time defending champion, which is – and was just – held on, what else, but America’s birthday.

Make that 8-time defending champion, as Joey “Jaws” Chestnut prevailed yet again, devouring 61 hot dogs.


Joey Chestnut ate 61 hot dogs in the 2014 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest… how many could you eat?

The wiener-filled tally was eight shy of his previous Nathan’s record of 69 hot dogs (consumed in 2013).  


Meet Neslie Ricasa, the future Mrs. Joey Chestnut

Perhaps Chestnut still had some butterflies occupying his stomach, as he was a busy man, not only claiming another Nathan’s victory, but also proposing to his long-time girlfriend – and now future WIFE – Neslie Ricasa.

Neslie, that’s two letters off from being a really fitting name to become a part of the Chestnut family.

But who is this WIFE, this woman, who is willing to eternally join hands with a man famous for eating?

Let’s face it, poll the woman of the world and there won’t be a high percentage of them busting down Chestnut’s door, and it’s not due to looks, but instead an awfully strange and quirky profession.

Then again, fame and dough likely come along with it – and we aren’t talking pizza dough, here.

On her Twitter account, Ricasa lists herself as an “accounting graduate, sushi server, forever hockey fan, gsd mommy, ex-gamer, and bad competitive eater, but best girlfriend to the greatest competitive eater”.

Girlfriend, yeah, she might want to update that.

She did post one update today – just her 54th tweet – flashing the rock that Chestnut gave her:

That rock would buy a boatload of hot dogs and a pantload of buns!

But let’s not bring that into the equation, as it would just unleash an entirely new predicament, in George Banks, Father of the Bride-like fashion:

The majority of Ricasa’s tweets are directed at or dedicated to Chestnut (@joeyjaws), and earlier in the day, she had a measly 116 followers, and that has since spiked to 138.


WIFE SPEAK: THE WIFE seriously doesn’t get competitive eating, and always asks the same questions, such as: 1) When referring to Joey Chestnut, she asks “Is he fat?” and 2) “Do they purge after?”

Wives in obscure sports just don’t create the same kind of buzz when compared to those in football.

Compare her to Katherine Webb, who has 322K followers, while sending out just over a thousand tweets.

That non-Webb popularity should lead to a fairly private wedding, unless these two choose to ride off in the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile.

Nathan’s may not be too happy about that, though.

Either way, congrats to the happy couple.

Oh, and remember, Joey: On the honeymoon, don’t remove the superfluous buns.

No wait, that was Father of the Bride again.