Joel Embiid emerged as the likely top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, with reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers were salivating over his workouts.

Then came the foot injury.

Embiid later was the biggest story of the Draft, with question marks about his health, career longevity and overall,  just how far he would fall on the board.

Then, the Sixers took him with the third pick.

Embiid was second fiddle to Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, each selected ahead of him, and tabbed as future stars with no injury history.

Then, his Twitter account was discovered.


Joel Embiid: Future NBA player, current Twitter star

Now, Joel Embiid might just be the star of the 2014 NBA rookie class, at least with the fans, and especially with the fans that pay close attention to social media.

To date, the former Jayhawks big man has yet to reach the 2,000-tweet plateau, but he likely has more retweets than 98% of the towns in Kansas combined.

Since declaring for the draft, Embiid’s popularity has spiked significantly, and it’s not due to his talents on the court, but instead his mini-messages to the Twittersphere.

Like the rest of the country, Embiid was very active during the World Cup, not only rooting for the good ol’ U-S-of-A, but also his home country of Cameroon, where he lived until the age of sixteen.

First, Embiid started his Twitter reign by recruiting LeBron James to Philadelphia, while sending a playful jab to ESPN regarding his on-air reaction, and the broadcast’s tape delay.

There wasn’t just one LeBron tweet, but several.

Once the King chose the Cavs, it was time for Embiid to move on to famous celebrity ladies.

Kim Kardashian was the first on the list, but Embiid later had to be informed that she was already taken.

Guess he hasn’t been “keeping up”.

See what I did there?

Embiid’s latest craze?  Courting Rihanna:

Best guess is that no one mentioned that Rihanna was rooting for Germany during the World Cup.

Better leave that sleeping dog, or perhaps tweet it at him, considering Embiid’s entertainment value has been off the charts.  Any reaction could be priceless.

We better enjoy it now.  Who knows when he’ll slip, or if his NBA employer chooses to put a muzzle on him.  Let’s hope these 140-character-or-less tidbits of greatness continue.

Never change, Joel.

Or else we might have to see what Kris Humphries is up to.