Getting WIVES that HATE sports to participate in a LIVE BLOG on Super Bowl XLVIII is a lot like herding cats, but somehow…SOME WAY, The Wife Hates Sports has managed to do it.

At least, for a little while.

Yours truly – and a few of my friends from around the country – will be chatting live during Super Bowl XLVIII, covering anything from the Denver Broncos, to the Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl commercials, Bruno Mars and whatever else comes to mind.

A few wives – including THE WIFE – will also be joining in on the fun, as long as they can keep their eyes open.


It’s Broncos vs Seahawks in the Super Bowl and The Wife Hates Sports is covering it LIVE.

So, if you’re sick of all the “experts” blowing hot air, pop by and banter with some “real” folks, whether you are like us die-hard sports guys and freelance sportswriters, or if you’re a WIFE that either LOVES or HATES sports.

All are welcome… just follow the LIVE BLOG below.

So, sit back and grab an “adult soda”.  Go ahead and attack that guacamole!  Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with The Wife Hates Sports!

Live Blog Super Bowl XLVIII Live Blog, featuring Wives That Hate Sports