It has been more than 24 hours since the 2013 Iron Bowl ended, and yet, one of the best college football games in history is still sending plenty of shockwaves throughout social media.

This isn’t just with Joe Football Fan, either, but with big time names and grads.

Take Takeo Spikes, for example, an Auburn grad, and 36 year-old football veteran who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals and has played for five NFL teams.

Auburn fans feverishly celebrated its last second 34-28 victory over Alabama by storming the field, and later shifting its jubilation over to Toomer’s Corner.

Takeo helped lead that charge, but the moment that’s really spreading throughout Twitter, is when Spikes was caught on camera holding a sign that read, “HEY AJ, TELL KATHERINE TO QUIT CALLING ME!”

For those unfamiliar with college football – and you would have to be very unfamiliar, considering that these two live in the headlines – the sign is referring to Alabama’s standout QB AJ McCarron, and his model girlfriend, Katherine Webb (who is an Auburn grad).

The sign was a solid zing in its own right, but it was even better being caught in the hands of a former first round draft pick.  That, plus the ongoing banter by Spikes was quite entertaining.

Here are a few samples from Spikes on Twitter (@TakeoSpikes51), including the now-famous sign:

Takeo Spikes Ignites Rivalry 






You gotta love it, and you gotta love this rivalry.  You especially have to love the newly lit fire that now exists following this game.

Just wait ’til the 2014 Iron Bowl, where these two teams may not be ranked in the top five, but there will still be plenty of fireworks following what happened on Saturday November 30, 2013.

Missed field goals, Saban’s decisions and the return by Chris Davis – it’s all in the history books.

I can’t wait to see what college football will present to us next.


The Auburn Tigers had plenty to celebrate during the 2013 Iron Bowl